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Royalty Roofing & Construction

Rajan Gosain MD Inc


9/26 Scott Musial - Why 1/1/24 is so important

Justin Monjure for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Anna Graffagnino for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Whitney Ehrmann for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Nicole Gewecke for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Hayley Small for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Saba Rawjani for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Chris Lambrix for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Jess Calo for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Alexa Roeper for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

marie givens for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Heather Pituch for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Kelly Liebman for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Christina Harmon for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Erica Bernstein for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Navinem for #RW-ready-2024 9/29 Friday Challenge

Christofer Nystrom

10/3 Steven Chavez - Getting our contact centers ready

10/3 - Christopher Ortiz (Nav)

marie givens for 10/6 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Abel Ibarra for 10/6 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Jessica McIntosh for 10/6 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Maria Blocker for 10/6 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Christopher Ortiz for 10/6 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Alexis Grimsley for 10/6 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Peter Parker...I mean Justin Monjure for 10/6 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

10/10 Spotlight Interview feat/ Steven Chavez - all things BSMH

Kara Kubarych for 10/10 Spotlight Interview - all things BSMH

marie givens for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Whitney Ehrmann for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Sarah Griffin for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Anna Graffagnino for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

David Coe for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

YOLANDA GONZALEZ for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Erica Bernstein for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Marsha Ghose for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Justin Monjure for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Maria Blocker for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Sophie Schamp for 10/13 #RW-ready-2024 $1k Friday Challenge

Julia Korzeniowski for 10/17 Spotlight Interview Featuring Julia Korzeniowski

Nicole Glasco for Implementation Manager Highlights

Photo Submissions

Gabriela Salas

Chrissie Harmon

Spotlight interview feat. Edwin Capetillo

Maxine Taylor

Erica Bernstein

Marie Givens for A Day in the Life

Heather Pituch

Saba Rawjani

Katrina Best for A Day in the Life

Ray Corpuz for Implementation Manager Highlights

Grecia Santiago Rivas

Anna Graffagnino

Spotlight Interview feat. Hemal Patel

Taylor Loving for Elevator Pitch Challenge

Erica Bernstein as Scott Musial for Elevator Pitch Challenge

Marie Givens

Gabby Salas

Spotlight Interview feat. David Coe

Whitney Ehrmann

Christofer Nystrom

Marsha Ghose

Spotlight Interview feat. Audrey Warren

Mylee Fuentes for Benefits Configuration & Operational Enablement Spotlight Interviews

Luke Krumtinger for Benefits Configuration & Operational Enablement Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interview Featuring Simon Leung

Spotlight Interview featuring Ralph Moreno

BSMH Open Enrollment Recap with Kevin Granda

Ryan Moshinsky for BSMH Testimonials

Sandy Kilzer for BSMH Testimonials

Kyra Sirag for BSMH Testimonials

Christina Hodge for BSMH Testimonials

David Stackhouse for Spotlight Interview

Krissy Thompson for Spotlight Interview

Ion for Spotlight Interview Video Collector

Andy Rombach for Rightway UM Team Meeting Video

Rosie for Rightway UM Team Meeting Video

Rightway UM Team Meeting Video

Roxanne Davis for Rightway UM Team Meeting Video

Rainey Yang for Rightway UM Team Meeting Video


Dan Waldschmidt, CEO at Panzura

Max Feider, VP Rev Ops & Strategy at Moss

Omid Mael, Commercial Director at Livestorm

Jimmy Fong, CCO at Seon

Jason Lindstrom, CEO of Bucketlist Rewards

Charlie Marr, Regional Director at Zscaler

Curtis Steeksma, Sales Director at Bucketlist Rewards

Charlie Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer at Relata.AI

Andrew Oliver, Head of Revenue at Gatekeeper

Robert Newry, CEO of Arctic Shores

Fiona McClune, CRO at Structureflow

Alex Baker, Head of Growth at Structureflow

Nina Djordjevic, VP Sales at Optimoroute

Carly Fordham, Founder of Carly Fordham Consulting, for Revelesco

Peter Durkin, VP Sales at Blink, for Revelesco

Andrew Needham, CEO at Headbox

Patrick O'Connor, CEO of Gatekeeper, for Revelesco

Adam Kay for Revelesco Video Testimonials

Dita Aisyah, Chief Commercial Officer at Binar Academy

Gerritt Graham, SVP Distribution at Kinetic

Tim Follett, CEO of StructureFlow

Luc Lammers, VP Sales at Sendcloud

Steven Denman, VP Sales at Elucidat

Duarte Silva, VP Strategy & Operations at Infraspeak

Penny Orme for Revelesco Video Testimonials

Estelle McCartney for Revelesco Video Testimonials

Fergus Paton, VP Sales at Arbolus

Stephanie Maclaurin, Head of Sales at Birdie

Ben Pointing, COO of Loyalty Lion

Dalia Nightingale, CRO at Vixio

Firaas Rashid, CEO of Hook

Richard Murby, Director of Sales at DevPost

Paul Fifield, Founder of Sales Impact Academy

Rebecca Dykema, SVP Partnerships at CreativeX

Jonnie Cartmill, CEO of Workfree

Arlo Hill, CEO of SecondBody

Dan Thompson for Revelesco Video Testimonials

Rêverie Retreats LLC

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