Jessica Eiben

September 14, 2021

Video Transcript

How long have you been working at Ronival?

So I started working for Ronival this April 2021, I was on a hiatus after going through the pandemic and took a time out from the vacation industry and took a chance with Nick and the team and It's been so rewarding, best move I could have made at 47 starting a new career path was hard but, I'm loving it, it's amazing how much people like are there to help you and guide you and learning all kinds of things like the Boomtown! program and just the marketing in general is amazing where I can balance my personal life with my kids and still be out and about and showing houses and I'm really loving it and I'm grateful and with this boom in the market right now it's just it's just gonna take off. I saw what happened after selling my house in 2018 and I think this is gonna be an amazing few years here in Cabo and I'm just grateful to be part of this team, it's fun working with old faces, you know I go back to 2004 when I worked with Greg Willis who is now the COO and Nick Fong. We have, you know the family thing in common and yeah I love it, I love the, ISA team and I appreciate everything that they do for us, so let's rock and roll

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