Mike Woster Chief Revenue Officer Linux Foundation

August 25, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Woster, Chief Revenue Officer, Linux Foundation

Please introduce yourself & describe how Shortlist has helped your company.

Mike Woster: I just wanted to share a great word for Jeff Hyman & the Recruit Rockstars team Here at the Linux Foundation, we've grown incredibly over the last 13.5 years. And we do know how to hire A-Players. But the biggest challenge is in the pipeline-building. It's having the volume and the velocity of the pipeline of prospects. And that's where Jeff's business model and his team shine.

How did Shortlist deliver?

Mike Woster: and his team shine. We've recently filled 3 positions using Jeff & his team. We're thrilled with how the collaboration went. They're very effective at targeting. They're very effective at the introductions and then we take it from there. So, kudos to Jeff in creating this business in a way that's upending the recruiting business model. Many thanks to him and his team.

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