Elke Osadnik for Customer success!

July 09, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elke Osadnik, Director of Talent Acquisition, Envoy Global

Tell us about your experience with Shortlist.

Elke Osadnik: Hello there. My name is Elke Osadnik. And I'm the Director of Talent Acquisition with Envoy Global. And I can safely say that Recruit Rockstars has really helped us on a number of occasions in the past year since we started working with them. First of all, they were recommended to me by my boss who in a previous life had utilized them. And my first reaction was -okay- you've got a contact in recruitment, we all do. Great. And then I realized very quickly it was a service that was very different and extremely efficient. Because -for me- I didn't want to take the time in briefing an agency, going through resumes, going back to them, refining everything, feeling like someone didn't really get what I was getting at, we weren't on the same page, maybe it was a more junior recruiter, but immediately I was talking with Jeff & Nicole. And it was extremely clear that they were just like, yep, yep, yep, got it. Totally understand. Yep, you need this. You need that. They'd reiterate back to me what I was asking for. I could tell, they just understood. They're very experienced and then they would take an extremely thorough job brief. So what happens is they send you an online form to complete -in enormous detail but extremely relevant detail- not name, address and all of this stuff. It's let's just get to the key things that you're looking for in your person and compensation and any bonuses and let's just consider everything that we would need to pass on to them so they can do their job effectively. So I didn't mind answering those questions because I felt like I was just doing it once and I was doing it so thoroughly that they were going to understand exactly what I needed. Then I would just get candidates sent to me within a few days. And I would have the luxury like any client of saying Yes or No to anyone whose profile was sent to me. But I love that there are no if's or but's about, well why didn't you pick that person? Why did you pick that person? It's just like I get to say... Yep... No... yep, yep, no, and then -seriously- within minutes, Jeff is synching you with that candidate on email so the two of you can connect and then have a conversation directly and see if something works out from there. I've hired 2 excellent recruiters so far, through Jeff and Nicole. When I just did not have the bandwidth and I kept thinking I would have. But then another job would come in internally, I'd have to focus on that. And in the end there are a couple of times where my boss and I was just thinking: Just give it to Jeff and Nicole, just give it to Jeff and Nicole. We just know they they're gonna get it, they're gonna do a great job, they're gonna do it fast and if anyone can be trusted to do a sweep of the market at that time of the best candidates, as per our criteria, I know it's gonna be them. So we've had great success already and we always have them in our back pocket for any recruitment that we just need to put out their externally and we need them to do that first bit of sourcing for us. They're really fantastic. And I can be a harsh critic when it comes to recruiters. I'm very pedantic and they've been absolutely brilliant. So I cannot thank you guys enough.

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