Lilia Nava

October 01, 2021

Ronival Real Estate buying selling home Los Cabos Baja California Sur

Video Transcript

How is it working at Ronival Real Estate

Hi, my name is Lillia Nava and I'm a realtor with Ronival in Los Cabos area. There are many reasons why I am very proud and happy to work with Nick Fong at Ronival, although I will only mention a couple; as a professional and even with the years of experience that I have in the real estate industry, working with Ronival, I'm always learning something new. Ronival has the most advanced advanced technology to help our clients with the purchase or the sale of their property. All this technology has helped me to have many, many happy clients who become to be my friends. later. Ronival is not only the real estate agents, we have a great team that is always ready and willing to support, the ISA department, the closing coordinators, administration staff, the managers, our broker and the real estate agents. Everybody is wonderful. I have been part of Ronival only for two years and as a person, my feeling is that I'm not only a part of a company, I am a part of a big family, guided and supported, by a great human being and as such a wonderful leader. Nick Fong. I conclude by sharing that one of my clients asked me if I had the opportunity to go back in time, give a reason why. We were on a tour. So I said yes, and the reason is if I have known how happy I have been working with Ronival, I would have made a change many years ago.

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