Dawn Bernhardt for Customer Success!

October 14, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dawn Bernhardt, Chief HR Officer, Laird Superfood

Dawn Bernhardt: My name is Dawn Bernhardt and I'm the Chief HR Officer at Laird Superfood. And a big fan of Recruit Rockstars. I first started using Jeff & his team back in 2020 for a Director of Sales role. And since then, they're my go-to my go-to stop for any senior or specialty roles that we have in the organization. For example, we have used Recruit Rockstars to recruit successfully a C.O.O... a Director of R&D... a Director of I.T... And most recently, a Product Director. The benefit of Recruit Rockstars is that it allows me to get the services of a Headhunter at a fraction of the cost. It took some adapting at the beginning, but Jeff & his team were absolutely open & flexible to my feedback, which meant that we were able to develop a relationship over the course of the hires that we work on together. I now recognize that the service is essentially an introduction service. And I can approach it in that way. So, Recruit Rockstars will fill the funnel with a rich pool of candidates. And then you get to take your recruiting process from there. You get this pool of passive candidates at a fraction of the price. And the candidate quality has really been outstanding. I can't recommend them enough. I continue to go to Recruit Rockstars. In fact, I'm probably posting a job with them this week. And I would really encourage you to give them a shot.

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