Shalini Jayasooriya for Employee Testimonials

March 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shalini Jayasooriya, Administrative Bookkeeper, RigServ

How did you find your way to your current role at RigServ?

Shalini Jayasooriya: Hi, I'm Shalini and I'm working in Accounting here at RigServ, and how I found my way into this current role is actually through a recommendation.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at RigServ?

Shalini Jayasooriya: The favorite part about my role is the fact that I get to use my problem solving skills, especially when it comes to the auditing aspect of my role. So it really gives a sense of accomplishment when you solve something. And the favorite part about my team is the fact that they are very open and friendly, so it's very easy to work with them. And also it's a whole lot of fun.

What stands out to you about the culture at RigServ?

Shalini Jayasooriya: What stands out to me about the culture at RigServ is that it has a very open minded and people oriented work culture. I feel like the employee well being and growth is cared for. And I also love the fact that the management is always open to other ideas and suggestions.

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