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Video Reviews

Written reviews can be faked or bought. So even when they're genuine, they often lack credibility. Authentic video reviews are convincing, tell your brand’s story, and drive sales.

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Why video reviews?

Video reviews are the most believable social proof you can share. Genuine videos from real users build trust with your brand and products.

How does your video review platform work?

Vocal Video's video review platform makes it simple for your customers to record compelling video reviews anytime, anywhere, on a phone, tablet, Mac, or PC.

Simple editing tools and high-design publishing options make it easy to share video reviews on your website, online store, or even on review sites like G2 or a Google Business Page.

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5 Types of Video Reviews

Collect several types highly persuasive video reviews with Vocal Video:


Video reviews

Reviews are critical to any ecommerce success story, but have become a fraught topic in recent years. It’s just too easy to bribe or outright fabricate a written review. Video is the perfect medium to build trust on your website, customer pages, signup and checkout pages.

Real example
Customer Review Videos for Aletha Health

Product unboxing videos

Capture the excitement right at the point of receiving your product. Your audience can see what your product looks like in real life, and watch the first impressions unfold from relatable customers.


Store experience reviews

Automatically trigger a Vocal Video Collector to go out in post-purchase emails to capture video reviews about what it was like to work with your staff - and why new buyers like them should visit your store.


Amazon and Shopify storefronts

Fake reviews have become a whole industry, and buyers know it. Get undeniably believable video reviews from real customers to feature on your ecommerce pages that cut through the doubt and restore trust.


Videos for review sites

Many review sites like G2 and Google enable you to add your own customer videos. Take a hold of your destiny by curating a selection of authentic video reviews to maximize conversion from review sites.

Real example
Customer Reviews for Fellow

Automate your video reviews

Collect great video reviews while you sleep.

Integrate the collection, editing, reviewing, and managing of video reviews into your existing tech stack and automate the whole process.

Customers connect Vocal Video to Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Wix Stores, Klaviyo, Slack, Google Docs, Airtable, and thousands of other software applications with our Zapier integration.

Customer story

Nothing beats our happy clients talking about the experience they've had with us, and  recommending us to other people who are in the same situation.

Shaun Whynacht

VP Marketing, Natural Acne Clinic


Get up & running fast

Our expert video review templates include insightful questions to ask, instructions for respondents, a three touch email invitation sequence, and examples to inspire you.

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Try the faster, easier way to create testimonial videos.

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