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Video Interviewing & Employee Videos

Save time and boost recruiting results with asynchronous video screening and authentic workplace culture videos from the people who tell your company’s story best: your employees.

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Why video interviews and employee videos?

Asynchronous video interviewing saves your hiring team valuable time and gives candidates a rich medium to communicate their job qualifications remotely, when it fits their schedule.

Employee testimonial videos bring your brand and company culture to life in an authentic, engaging way that can be embedded on hiring pages to boost recruiting efforts.

How does your video interview platform work?

Our video interview platform removes the complexities of getting videos from job candidates or employees.

You simply send a link to a remote video collector, and your respondents can easily record answers to preset questions from their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Video responses are automatically transcribed. You can review them within your private account, or use our integrations to export them to your existing hiring systems.

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3 ways to collect videos from prospective and current employees with Vocal Video:


Video Interviews

Asynchronous video screening makes your hiring process more efficient and remote-friendly, saving time usually spent coordinating, scheduling, and rescheduling interviews.

Video interviews give employers a much better sense of the candidate before moving them to the next step, and can easily be archived and tracked for compliance purposes.


Employee testimonial videos

Collect and create employee videos to feature on your website and jobs page to improve recruiting efforts. Employee videos can be used to showcase company culture, and improve employer and employee branding efforts and embedded with ad-free hosting.

Real example
Blueshift features embeded employee videos seamlessly alongside photos.

Candidate feedback

Video interviews are a simple and rich way to collect candid video feedback from candidates to improve your overall hiring experience.


Automate video interviews & employee testimonials

Vocal Video makes it easy to pull candidate and employee videos into your applicant tracking systems, project management tools and onto your website.

Integrate Vocal Video with Greenhouse, Jobvite, Lever, BambooHR, Slack, Google Docs, Airtable, and thousands of other platforms with our Zapier integration.

Customer story

We post employee stories on LinkedIn and Twitter. I like that each person has their own perspective or story to add to our narrative.

Christine Hanks

Social Media Marketing, Wonolo


Ready to hit recruiting goals?

Use our turn-key templates for remote video screening and employee videos. Each expert template includes questions to ask, instructions for respondents, a three touch email invitation sequence, and examples to inspire you.

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