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What are Video Marketing and UGC Programs?

User-generated content (or UGC) videos are highly trustworthy videos from your users that can immediately lend credibility to your brand.

The best choice for many companies big and small is to prioritize UGC videos which are high-impact, and straightforward to create with a video marketing platform.

Why invest in a Video Marketing and UGC Platform?

With a video marketing and UGC video platform, it's simple for your respondents to record compelling videos anytime, anywhere.

Vocal Video is the only platform that also automatically edits testimonial videos into engaging video content that people will want to watch with easy sharing options on websites and social.

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Video Marketing & UGC programs you can create with Vocal Video:


Social Media Marketing

With Vocal Video you can access a steady stream of video to promote on social media for organic and paid posts. Many organizations find that they see dramatically higher engagement and conversion rates when they employ authentic, original video content into their social media campaigns.

Real example Builds Paid Social Campaigns With Customer Videos

Customer testimonial videos

Get the social proof you need to boost marketing performance and conversions on your website, social media, and more. Genuine customer videos are highly credible and persuade prospective buyers like nothing else.

Real example
Customer Video Gallery Featured by Recruit Rockstars

Educational videos

Your prospective customers want to see something valuable. Call on your employees, partners, or experts in your industry to create short and highly engaging thought leadership and tutorial videos.

Real example
Beacon Funding Promotes a Series of Training Videos

Product review video/unboxing videos

Get videos from customers at the point of receiving your product and share them on social media channels.

Real example
Aletha Health Has Customers Show off the Product in Videos

Event promotion videos

Give the speakers at your virtual or in person events a chance to promote their sessions by creating short videos that can be used to promote your event to your audiences, and amplified through theirs.

Real example
Speakers for Google Cloud Events Record Videos to Promote Events, and Share on Social Media


UGC Videos

Video reviews are dramatically more trustworthy than written reviews. Get a steady influx of UGC content to syndicate to review sites.


Video montages

Easily add multiple videos together in Vocal Video, and create different cuts for specific audiences and social media platforms.

Real example
Ada ACX Showcases Multiple Responses on Product Page.

Automate video marketing & UGC

Put your video marketing on autopilot:

Integrate collection, editing, reviewing, and managing of user-generated videos into your existing marketing stack.

Customers connect Vocal Video to Slack, Google Docs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and thousands of other platforms with our Zapier integration.

Customer story

It's automated video content creation. It’s mind blowing. You set it up, send it out to people and boom, you're getting video content without having to ask questions or do interviews.

Will Curran

VP Content, Founder, Endless Events


Why start from scratch?

Use our turn-key templates for remotely collecting video testimonials and other types of user-generated video. Each battle-tested template includes questions to ask, instructions for respondents, a three touch email invitation sequence, and examples to inspire you.

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Try the faster, easier way to create testimonial videos.

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