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Capture and share customer love. Testimonial videos are the next best thing to getting a recommendation from a friend. And they convert 25% more buyers.

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Why video testimonials?

Video testimonials are a shortcut to building trust with your buyers.

Customers, partners, employees, and experts are all great sources of video testimonials, but it used to be time-consuming and expensive to get them on camera.

With Vocal Video, it's easier to collect and share authentic video testimonials than ever before.

How does your video testimonial platform work?

Vocal Video makes it simple for your respondents to record compelling videos anytime, anywhere, on any device. But we don't stop there.

Our automatic video production and simple editing tools make it easy to turn raw videos into engaging and professional-looking content your audience will want to watch.

We even include ad-free hosting and customizable video galleries to showcase your videos in style.

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7 Types of Video Testimonials

Capture a wide range of authentic video stories with our flexible platform:


Customer Testimonial Videos

Get the social proof to boost marketing performance and conversions on your website, social media, and more. Genuine customer videos are highly credible and persuade prospective buyers like nothing else.

Real example
Customer Review Videos for Aletha Health

Employee Testimonial Videos

Employee videos differentiate you from your competitors in the tight race for the best talent. Hit recruiting targets by creating and sharing real videos about your company culture straight from the most credible source: your employees.

Real example
Employee Testimonials Featured on Blueshift Careers Page

Influencer/Expert Videos

Short video commentary from industry experts or influencers can go a long way in engaging (and convincing) your audience. These folks are busy, so streamlined video collection that only requires a few minutes of their time is critical.

Real example
Videos from AI Experts Highlighted by Google

Customer Award Videos

Award programs demonstrate deep appreciation for customers, cultivate long-term loyalty, and garner earned media and increased brand awareness. By highlighting your best customers’ use cases in video, you can catalyze other users to take full advantage of your products or services for maximum ROI.

Real example
Acceptance Speech Videos for Amplitude Customer Awards

B2B Case Studies

No one reads your long form, written case studies. Video case studies offer a much more palatable form of the traditional “challenges solved, use case, results” format for B2B organizations.

Real example
Video Case Study for Activ

Real Estate Videos

Many of the most successful agents and brokers have built their businesses by word of mouth in this competitive industry. Videos from home buyers and sellers capitalize on this phenomenon of social proof - but at a greatly accelerated pace.

Real example
EQ Homes Shares Video Reviews

Walls of Love

It’s easy to get one friendly customer to record a video for you, but showing 3 or more videos side by side amplifies your credibility. With Vocal Video Galleries, you can design a wall of love on your websites or landing pages designed to shock, awe, and ultimately convert.

Real example
Customer Video Gallery Featured by Recruit Rockstars

Automate video testimonial production

Put your testimonial program on autopilot: With Vocal Video, you can seamlessly integrate video testimonial production into your existing marketing stack.

With our reusable video collectors and Zapier integration, customers connect Vocal Video to Slack, Google Docs, Dropbox, Airtable, Salesforce, Hubspot, and thousands of other software platforms.

Customer story

Video testimonials are the greatest way to get the voice of our customer immediately into the hands of our prospects.

Hilmon Sorey

Co-founder and Managing Director, Clozeloop


Get results fast

Use our turn-key templates for remotely collecting video testimonials. Each battle-tested template includes questions to ask, instructions for respondents, a three touch email invitation sequence, and examples to inspire you.

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