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Collect video & audio from anyone, anywhere with a delightful UI.


Our software automagically creates branded, professional-quality videos for you.


Customize, publish, and share your HD video testimonials with ease.

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Our Customers

We power agile marketers at brands of all sizes

“Vocal Video is going to make your life a lot easier. You don't have to be in person to get answers from people, and you can get very real, very genuine stories and comments.”

Christine Hanks

Social Media Marketing Manager


Key Benefits

Time is money.
We save you both.

Vocal Video makes creating testimonial videos dramatically faster, easier, and more affordable.

Slash the time & cost to create testimonial videos

Vocal Video’s disruptively simple approach creates an unlimited number of social proof videos, fast. All at a low, predictable cost.

Fully remote and asynchronous

Just send a link and people respond anywhere, anytime, on their own device. No need for a travel or a videographer.

A beautiful respondent experience

We make you look good, with a sleek, fully branded, and mobile-friendly respondent interface. Nothing to install.

Professional-looking videos with no design or editing experience

With themes, automatic subtitles, and a delightful interface, you’ll be pumping out great-looking videos without an editor.

Boost conversion rates and organic SEO

Campaigns that use video testimonials have 27% higher click through rates. Plus, we automatically provide transcripts to boost your organic SEO.

Fuel social media with compelling video content

Video generates a staggering 1,200% more shares than text and image content combined. Tap into a scalable source of video for organic and paid social media.

“I would 100% recommend Vocal Video to any and all marketers out there. Video proof is where we're headed, and Vocal Video has one of the most user friendly and innovative platforms that I've seen.”

Alexri Patel

Customer Marketing Manager


Use Cases

Customer testimonial videos are just the beginning

Organizations use Vocal Video to create all kinds of user-generated video, including:

Customer Testimonial Videos

Your customers are your best salespeople. Use them.

Product Review Videos

Go beyond a star rating and some boring text with engaging video reviews.

Influencer & Thought-Leader Videos

Experts can provide an outsider take on your company and boost its profile.

Sales Training Videos

Have your best reps recap their wins and share with the team.

Employee Videos

Your employee are a great source of knowledge and expertise. Use them to promote your brand.

Culture & Recruiting Videos

Have employees, students, or volunteers share your winning culture to benefit recruiting.

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The Numbers

Most companies struggle to create testimonial videos.
So did we.

We all know that time, cost, and logistics are common barriers to creating testimonial videos. But we wanted to quantify it. So we did the research:


Our survey of 456 marketing organizations found that most spend $15k or more to produce a single testimonial video. Source

>1 Month

78% of marketing teams reported it takes them > 1 month to produce a testimonial video. It takes 55% > 2 months. Source

4+ People

61% of marketing teams need 4 or more people to produce a testimonial video. 32% need 7 or more. Source

10-25% Lift

88% of campaigns see a 10% improvement in conversions when featuring customer videos. 47% of campaigns get a 25% boost. Source

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“With Vocal Video we no longer need to go out and hire a videographer. It's super easy. We send it out, and within 24 to 48 hours we get back authentic videos in super high quality.”

Ras Gill-Boulos

CMO, Pulse


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