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Get authentic videos from your company’s leaders and employees to amplify messaging internally, and to the world.

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Why create internal communications videos?

Internal communications videos are a key tool in keeping the team informed and inspired to bring their best selves to work as a part of the greater mission.

How does your team video platform work?

It's painful to schedule meetings to share ongoing updates across time zones and countries. A video platform removes the complexities of collecting and sharing these videos.

Simply send a link to your video collector, and your respondents can record from their phone, tablet, or laptop without installing anything.

After recording, you can easily edit the videos before publishing, and choose to share internally or with a branded public page.

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5 types of team & leadership videos you can create with Vocal Video:


Leadership Videos

Your executive team is great at communicating about the big picture goals and initiatives at your company. They are probably exceptionally bad at booking all day meetings to record videos. Capture insights and updates on big initiatives with Vocal Video with a process that only takes 15 minutes of their time.

Real example
Google Cloud AI Leaders on Company Blog

Team Videos

Internal communications are a hot button issue due to increased collaboration in hybrid, remote, and multi-site work environments. The need to focus on conveying company updates and create team bonding across departments in companies is important to alignment and workplace culture. Companies use Vocal Video to amplify the subject matter experts within their companies on product updates, corporate strategy, sales wins, and more.


Tutorial Videos

Look to the internal experts in your organization to record short, specific tutorial or training videos for their peers. In some cases, these may become highly valuable marketing tools as well.

Real example
Beacon Funding Creates In-Depth Training Videos.

Executive Story Videos

Video makes it easy for leaders at your organization to share updates to the company vision or other important announcements without tying up everyone in a meeting.

Real example
Comscore CEO and CRO Videos on Company Vision Page

Employee Award Videos

Give your best employees a chance to shine - and inspire with employee award acceptance and nomination videos.


Automate video production & sharing

Integrate collecting, editing, reviewing, and managing leadership and team videos into your existing marketing and project management stack.

Customers connect Vocal Video to Slack, Google Docs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and thousands of other platforms with our Zapier integration.

Customer story

With Vocal Video you can easily scale your video programs. After we made a couple of key acquisitions, we sent out Vocal Video Collector links to all of the employees to get their thoughts on the acquisition. Then we edited together a video that we played at all hands meeting.

Jon Leiberman

VP Content, Social and Influencer Marketing at Demandbase


Get up & running fast

Use our turn-key templates for remotely collecting team & leadership videos. Each battle-tested template includes questions to ask, instructions for respondents, a three touch email invitation sequence, and real examples.

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