Sol Gutierez

October 01, 2021

Ronival Real Estate Los Cabos buy sell home Baja California Sur

Video Transcript

How long have you been working at Ronival?

Hola, my name is Sol Gutierrez and I started working for Ronival Real Estate in January 2020 just before Covid started. So that makes me feel grateful to be part of the team that has the best technological approach and all Baja California Sur I think because that gave us the opportunity to serve our clients remotely, but without losing the personal touch that they need to be able to look for their dream home in Cabo or the Baja peninsula. So I think that that's a great asset that we count on. And the second thing is to have our own Call Center. So the customer service department, it's very professional. They call every client that subscribes to our website or our social media and they follow up immediately, they qualify the leads and they send it when they're ready to the agents so we can follow up. So that's a great thing to have. Um also the very unique videographer and photography team, which they do drone video matterport. They they have everything a seller needs to promote their property in the best way. So that's also a very good tool that we as agents have and I think also to be able to have the property management team so we can refer our clients when they purchase and they have that to choose the best service to do the projects in their homes or taking care of their homes when they're not here. So that's another asset with it. We have, we help our clients with capital gains calculations. So they have the full service and the whole team works together. We have an amazing coaching and personal training, very good backup and support from, from Nick Fong, from our sales manager, Greg Willis from everybody in the team. So all the agents work as a team. We care about each other. We join meetings so we can have the best version of ourselves to promote the properties and to give the best service to the clients. So I think, everybody ay Ronival does a great job and I appreciate what you do every day. And I feel very proud to be part of this amazing team. Thank you.

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