Alex Segura for Customer success!

January 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alex Segura, Chief Executive Officer, Showdrop

Please introduce yourself.

Alex Segura: My name is Alex Segura and I'm the Co-Founder & CEO of Show Showdrop, a newly-launched startup that's looking to redefine the future of retail.

What was the outcome of your Shortlist?

Alex Segura: Shortlist was very helpful and helped us source a number of tricky-to-source Engineering candidates in a short amount of time. We had worked with a bunch of different recruiters and Shortlist probably gave us almost the highest quality and volume of candidates. We ended up with a number of folks from the Shortlist that we put deep into the interview process. And a number of them were really high quality candidates, which is great.

What do you love most about Shortlist?

Alex Segura: I would say the speed of sourcing was the best thing. I think nearly daily, we would receive at least a few candidates for, again, a role of Full Stack Engineer role that had to be based in Chicago. That was not fully remote, which is not an easy role to fill, especially for an early-stage startup. And Shortlist just kept providing quality candidates. And as soon as I clicked that I want an introduction, there was an immediate follow up from the Recruit Rockstars folks to make the introduction.

Would you recommend Shortlist to others? Why?

Alex Segura: I'd recommend Shortlist because, I think cost-wise you're getting 10 quality candidates quite quickly and it can be a lot more cost-effective than hiring a Recruiter that takes 15-25% of the first year salary of a hire. And frankly, relative to other Recruiters we've used, Shortlist provided a lot more top-quality candidates much more quickly.

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