Treshia McKie for Customer success!

November 25, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Treshia McKie, Office Manager, Genuine Foods

Please introduce yourself.

Treshia McKie: Hello. My name is Tricia & I work for Genuine Foods in the Human Resources department. Over the past few months, we've had the opportunity to partner with Shortlist to fill many of our positions. Right now, the market is hard to find committed & consistent talent. We appreciate the help & support along the way to assist in fulfilling our needs. With the assistance of Recruit Rockstars. We have been able to find candidates for our Business Development, our Marketing, as well as our HR departments. We're hoping that we can continue to get great customer service, quick responses and the same level of candidates that we have been getting from you over the past few months. Thank you so much for your help. Thank you so much for your great customer service and we're hoping that in the future, we will continue this great partnership, as we are always looking for great talent.

What was the outcome of your Shortlist?

Treshia McKie: Our Shortlist has been very successful. We have set up many interviews & spoken to many candidates based off the recommendations of Shortlist. And we have also been able to hire some candidates as well, specifically for our Business Development department. So I would say Yes, it has been a good success.

What do you love most about Shortlist?

Treshia McKie: I would say I most loved the system. I love the fact that it's kind of a candidate, it's almost as if they're matching the candidate to our particular needs. With a little bit of a Yes or No swipe. So it lets me know that the choice is in my hands. The choice is up to us to say that this is the right fit for our company or for our department. And I like the fact that it's not just kind of handed off, but there's a nice transition introducing the candidate to us as the employer. So I think that's what I love. I love the system.

Would you recommend Shortlist to others? Why?

Treshia McKie: I would recommend Shortlist to others because I think sometimes it's great to have another set of eyes, searching and scouring for the best talent. Sometimes are our ads and searches don't do enough. And it's good to know that you have a set of professional eyes that can get to deeper places, different areas, and help you to achieve what you're looking for in candidates and worthy candidates for your company. So, Yes, I would highly recommend.

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