Rick Sitter CEO Amenity Health

June 24, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rick Sitter, CEO, Amenity Health

How has Shortlist helped your company?

Rick Sitter: I'm Rick, CEO of Amenity Health. After reading Recruit Rockstars, one of the best business books out there for tangible action-oriented advice on how to improve your organization. I was intrigued when Jeff & team introduced the Shortlist to help companies turbocharge their recruiting process. Using Shortlist has saved me & my team countless hours of filtering through resumes, trying to find the right set of candidates to phone screen and move on to the next step of the process. Within 24 hours of completing the brief intake form, Nicole & Jeff presented 3 candidates to ensure that we were on the right track. After taking some feedback from the team within 2 more days, they had a number of candidates for us to review. And by the next day, we had 10 qualified candidates where there was mutual interest to learn more about the position. Shortlist did everything. They provided the LinkedIn profile, did communication with potential candidates behind the scenes, and made introductions to our hiring managers. I can't imagine a more seamless process to help accelerate our path to finding a Rockstar to hire. After our first experience with Shorlist We're now using it for all of our open positions. Nicole, Jeff, and team are seemingly available 24/7. With the same level of care that went into the book and the newsletters clearly shines through with this process as well. I can't imagine beginning a candidate search in the future without using Shortlist. Thanks to Jeff and Nicole and the entire Recruit Rockstars team for not only a great idea, but for one that they have executed flawlessly as well.

What was the outcome of your Shortlist?

Rick Sitter: Since using Shortlist, we've become far less reliant on going through the slog of numerous resumes, many of whom have been unqualified candidates for job postings that we've had. Instead, we've been able to very quickly identify a number of people eligible for phone screen that are interested. We've been able to really accelerate the timelines between posting a position and getting to that list of 4-5 top candidates that we're able to interview.

What do you love most about Shortlist?

Rick Sitter: I love everything about Shortlist. Mainly, I love the time that it saves our organization to use highly-qualified professionals with a ton of experience & recruiting landscape to help seek out & identify potential Rockstars to add to our organization is both efficient & effective over things that are small business can do internally.

Would you recommend Shortlist to others?

Rick Sitter: I would absolutely & unequivocally recommend Shortlist to any organization looking to add a Rockstar to their team by leveraging the Shortlist service.

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