Ladena Hicks for Customer Stories

May 14, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ladena Hicks, Office manager, Telpro

Please introduce yourself, then share a recent experience working with Retainers For Life.

Ladena Hicks: Yes, my name is Latina Hicks and I had called for my daughter Lena. We had got out to get some burritos this morning. She took out her bottom retainer so she could eat once she ate, she could not find the retainer, we was all the way at school. So I turned around, went back to the burrito place and we found her a retainer. But unfortunately somebody had already run it over. Uh Anyways. I had spoke to Amanda at Retainers For Life and she is awesome. I really enjoyed talking to her. She was very helpful and I made her laugh a couple of times. Which that's always awesome. I loved make people laugh. So I really appreciate everything you all are doing. it really helps us out as parents in the long run financially because let me tell you that $215 per retainer before that was getting a little pricey. But thank you all so much for doing an awesome job. You'll have a good day.

Choose three words that describe our services and why.

Ladena Hicks: I would have to say, um, financially, it's cheaper to go through y'all than actually going through the orthodontist themselves. Really easy to talk to over the phone, and the retainers will be here by next week, which, that, that turnaround time is fantastic.

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