Jessica Haley for Customer Stories

May 14, 2021

Pontic Patient

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Haley , Esthetician , Beautiful & Blessed

Please introduce yourself, then share a recent experience working with Retainers For Life.

Jessica Haley : Hi there, my name is Jessica and I live in Marble Falls Texas and I have been using Retainers For Life for about 2.5 years now. I need an implant in the front. So as you can see this tooth here is actually a pontic And what a pontic is. Is this just a fake tooth that kind of fills in the hole in my retainer. I am also a teeth grinder and a clencher. And so about every three or six months I have to get a new retainer and so being able to get a replacement at such a low cost is amazing. Like I could not even imagine if I have to buy a new retainer every time I broke one because I break them all the time. So um I just wanted to leave a review and definitely recommend Retainers For Life. I would have to say without Miss Amanda. (Head of Customer Service) Um I would probably feel a little differently. She has just been amazing. I call her and text her all hours of the night, on weekends and her days off. And she's always very responsive and attentive to me. So I hope this is helpful and hope you'll have a great day. Thanks.

Choose three words that describe our services and why.

Jessica Haley : three words that describe your services for me would be convenient, cost effective and attentive.

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