David Glass Managing Partner Enenstein Pham Glass

June 24, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Glass, Managing Partner, Enenstein Pham & Glass

How has Shortlist has helped your firm?

David Glass: I'm David Glass. I'm the Managing Partner of Enenstein, Pham, and Glass, a 20 attorney firm located on both coasts, in Los Angeles and New York. We've used Shortlist on three separate occasions over the last three months to great success.

What was the outcome of your Shortlist?

David Glass: Our first search was for an Associate in the Family Law department that I also run. We got our 10 names immediately. They had all been pre-screened by Shortlist staff and found out that they were open to a move over to our firm. We we went through all of them came up with our best candidate. And she's already here working. Our second search, I expanded to try & find potential Partners to make lateral moves to join our firm. That's a more unusual search. But Shortlist came up with 10 great candidates. And out of those 10 candidates, we picked up one Partner and two Of Counsel who joined our firm. Those attorneys together have added $2 million to our gross income for this year. And joined in readily. Finally, the third search. We needed a Korean speaking within 30 miles of our office, Which, again, is a stranger sort of search. And while Shortlist wasn't able to get us 10 names, they did give us 5 names. Out of those five names, we have hired our paralegal to service the Korean speaking community here in Los Angeles. I can't say enough great things about Shortlist. The low price, the quick return, the number of qualified candidates. Everything about this service is just dynamite and I'm referring them to every law firm I know here in Los Angeles. You should seriously think about using Shortlist.

What do you love most about Shortlist?

David Glass: What I love most about Shortlist is the ease in which you use the system. It's a low price for entry. You give them the description, and within days you get back a list of 10 qualified candidates who have been prescreened by Shortlist. How much easier could they make it for us to find the staff that we need here in our law firm.

Would you recommend Shortlist to others?

David Glass: I would recommend Shortlist to anyone with any kind of company, not just law firms like mine. Accounting firms, startups, film companies, entertainment companies. Anything you can imagine. If you can come up with a good description of the type of person you are looking to hire in your company. Shortlist can find them for you.

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