Seth Kniep CEO Just One Dime

August 24, 2021

Seth Kniep CEO Just One Dime

Video Transcript

Speaker: Seth Kniep, CEO of Just One Dime

Tell us about your experience with Shortlist.

Seth Kniep: I don't leave a lot of reviews. I'm not huge on doing a ton of video reviews for anyone who asks. I only do it when I believe it really is worth the time. And if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right. Now, I'll keep this to the point. But if you are considering Jeff Hyman's Recruit Rockstars service, please watch this review first. There's four things I want to say about this service. I just went through his entire program and there's four things you need to know. Number 1: Jeff Hyman will do what is best for you & your company. And by the way, I'm not getting paid for this. I'm not an affiliate in any way. There's literally no direct monetary value to me to do this other than I am grateful for what he has done. The reason I make the point that Jeff Hyman will do what is best for your company and the candidate is a lot of company owners struggle with this concept where they're like, hey, I need someone, but they're only thinking of their interests. They're not thinking of that candidate and it ends up backfiring on them. He sees the whole picture. Jeff doesn't just want to get you someone you're happy with. He wants to get you someone that will stay at your company. One of the biggest costs you could incur at your company is having a turnover rate that is high. I mean, people you hire and within three or four or five months they leave the cost, the time. The expense of finding a new one is ridiculous. They have said it's three times the cost of getting them. So you pretty much triple your costs, your recruitment costs when you lose someone. So Jeff's goal is not just to get you a great candidate, but one that will stay with you. And the way to get one who will stay with you is by doing what's best for your company and for the candidate. So my advice to you is: listen to what he says. Follow his advice. I highly recommend you go to RecruitRockstars.com and read his book. Read the PDF. I literally read the book as we went through the process and this was a huge advantage for me because I got the concepts. I understood and it made working with him fantastic. Number 2: Jeff will not waste your time. If you're the feely kind of person who needs to have long conversations, then Jeff's not the guy for you. Jeff's job is to get the job done and do it well. But he values his time, which is good, which means he's going to do a good job for you. People who seem to have all the time in the world. I struggle to trust and work with because that means they don't have a good discipline on how they manage their time. Jeff was able to help us find a President for our company and that President brought another person, a VP of Marketing. In other words, he helped us find a Rockstar and that Rockstar attracted another Rockstar and we have another Rockstar the President found who he sent an offer letter to, and we're waiting for their response. So the the ROI on this is massive if you get the right person. B-Players attract B- and C-Players. A-Players attract A-Players. Jeff will only find you an A-Player. And that brings me to number 3: Even though Jeff gets to the point and he doesn't waste words and he's very to the point, don't waste time, move on to the next thing, he is incredibly supportive. Every single time I had a question, I needed help, He was happy to be there. Whether it was through email or a short phone conversation. I don't want to set up expectations that he's on your speed dial and any time you're worried about something, you call him, that would be ridiculous. But when I had a legit question and I couldn't find any other option because I respect people's time because I respect my own. I reached out and said "Hey, could you help me with this?" or "what your thoughts?" And within minutes, we knocked it out. I understood. I moved to the next thing. So what is my conclusion? Jeff Hyman will help you find the candidate you want for your company. I am fully confident. Is that a guarantee? Of course not. We all know that can't be a guarantee, but based on my experience, which by the way, I never would have worked with Jeff if I hadn't heard it from two other people sitting with me in what is called a C12 group where other CEO's & company owners meet once a month to help each other, to encourage, to share information, to challenge, to grow each other. Both of these guys had leveraged Jeff Hyman's recruitment service.

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