Megan Wendholt for Customer success

October 26, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Megan Wendholt, Chief of Staff, Deksia

Please introduce yourself & describe how Shortlist has helped your company.

Megan Wendholt: My name is Megan Wendell. I'm the Chief of Staff for Deksia and oversee all of our recruiting, hiring and onboarding. Shortlist has helped Dexia to find a new Social Media and Content Creator for our team. I spent months looking for the right person, interviewing to no success. Jeff and his team were able to send a list of 16 candidates. I talked to about 8 of them, and before I even talked to the entire list, we decided to move forward with one of them. Shortlist really helped cut down on the amount of time I was spending out there searching for the right person for our team.

What do you love most about Shortlist?

Megan Wendholt: What I love most about Shortlist is it cut down probably 10-15 hours a week of my time that I was spending seeking out the right people for our team and the narrowing down criteria, looking at multiple places to confirm what was listed on resumes, and some of the social media experience that we were looking for. Jeff and his team took care of all of that for us. So I love that it freed up time for me to do other things within Dexia that I needed time for and that, honestly, I like spending time on.

Would you recommend Shortlist to others? Why?

Megan Wendholt: I would absolutely recommend Shortlist to other people. I think that the amount of money that you would spend on Shortlist, if you take a look at the amount of time it's going to save you and potentially save you not needing to add an additional team member to your team if that's something that you're considering. I think Shortlist is absolutely the way to outsource that chunk of time that maybe you don't want to invest in another team member doing and maybe you don't necessarily love. So I would definitely recommend it.

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