Anggie Ramirez for Customer success!

May 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anggie Ramirez, Head of Client Support, SimpleLegal

Please introduce yourself.

Anggie Ramirez: Hi, my name is Angie Ramirez. I am the Director of Support Services for SimpleLegal, an Onit company. I wanted to tell a little bit about my experience with Recruit Rockstars and Shortlist. I've been lucky enough and with all their great support and help, I have been able to hire 2 people through Shortlist. I call these 2 'my little unicorns' because we had such a hard time trying to find these specific roles for our our org. And with Shortlist, I was able to hire both. So, I am really happy with the results this has yielded for our company and for my team. We have definitely used the service for a few other roles in different departments. So, my 2 roles -to talk a little bit about that- we were looking for a 2 or 3 support person. So, this is somebody that had Developer experience, that knew how to code, and also that enjoyed providing customer service. Probably most of you know that's a hard thing to find. Some Developers do not like the customer interaction. So, finding somebody that was proficient enough in coding and also enjoyed talking with customers was really hard. And Shortlist was able to find that person for me and here local to us in Texas. That is where we are. The second person was a more financial level support role, but we needed somebody that was fluent in English and a foreign language as well that we're specifically looking for our customer base. As soon as I sent the Shortlist request, I said "I want it in Austin or surrounding areas" and Nicole was pretty straightforward. "Unfortunately, if you look at the amount of people that speak that language in Austin, it's maybe about 300 people. From there, going to somebody that has support experience, entry level, more that it, it's kind of that path, it's gonna be even harder. So, I suggest we open it remote." So, I agreed with that. She was able to get me candidates. I was getting candidates from all time zones in the U.S. We were able to get some good candidates and luckily the one person I found was close enough to us in San Antonio. But thanks to Nicole, I was able to expand that search and then end up with somebody close by. But I really appreciate their honesty and being straightforward. Like "hey, we're not going to find it here. We need to do these other things." So, I'm really happy with both results and our experience with Shortlist in our recruiting Rockstars so far. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you, Nicole. I really appreciate your help in helping me find people for these positions. Have a great afternoon. Super recommend it!

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