Will Boeglin CEO TimeDoc Health

August 24, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Will Boeglin, CEO, TimeDoc Health

Please introduce yourself & describe how Recruit Rockstars has helped your company.

Will Boeglin: Hi, I'm Will Boeglin, Co-Founder & CEO of TimeDoc Health, a health care technology startup in Chicago. Earlier this year, in the beginning of 2021, we decided that it was time to hire a Chief Operating Officer to help us get to our next stage of growth.

What was the outcome of the Executive Search?

Will Boeglin: The search was a great success. Jeff put forward 5 candidates that we interviewed. One of them was a standout. The whole team really liked the candidate. Given Jeff's advice, we moved really quickly and made an offer. And the candidate accepted the offer within 24 hours. Now, we're just all eagerly awaiting the start date. But the entire process was seamless, really efficient, really effective, and we got the exact outcome that we were looking for.

What do you love most about Recruit Rockstars Executive Search?

Will Boeglin: I think the best thing about the experience with Jeff & Recruit Rockstars was just how simple he made the process. I think he was able to make what would typically be a really complex search for a Chief Operating Officer simple because of all of his knowledge and experience looking for candidates like the one we were looking for. So he was able to simplify the candidate profile, the Must-Haves versus the Nice-to-Haves into a really straightforward Scorecard. Then, the actual search process after that, he ran pretty much himself, leaving almost no work for our team to do. He gave us a Shortlist of candidates that we worked through. The right person was on that list & he made it incredibly easy for us to move through the process, make the offer, and get the hire. So it was very seamless and saved a lot of time, which is incredibly precious for myself & my team.

Would you recommend Recruit Rockstars to others? Why?

Will Boeglin: Yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend Recruit Rockstars. In fact, I have already recommended them to others. And it's because Jeff again, his knowledge, his expertise, the fact that he has been an entrepreneur and an operator. He just knows what it's like to be an executive looking for, recruiting for another executive to join your team. And I think that makes all the difference.

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