Dede Bacon

October 11, 2021

Career opportunities, Ronival Real Estate, Cabo

Video Transcript

Tell us about your experience working for Ronival?

Hi everybody, I'm Dede Bacon and I'm a Ronival agent working in the East Cape out of the Los Barriles office. And so I was getting ready to complete a transaction last year, right about this time and I happen to have the seller on this transaction who is a very good client from Rancho Leonero, and Emma. Nicholson had the buyer and so over the summer I'd seen some of Emma's post that she had decided to get into the real estate industry and we had some chats about my career and how much fun I've had and I also shared with her some of the heartache and challenges as well. So I called Nick and, scheduled a zoom meeting with him and, and then told him that I would like to meet with him in person when I came back from my winter season in october so which I did and I got the opportunity to meet both Greg and Nick and I was very impressed by both of them and their whole business format. So, I was impressed with the videos that Nick was putting out. But the one that really got me was when he recorded the video that when he branded himself as Ronival and the fact that he used the first couple letters of his wife and his Children's name in the brand meant a lot to me because I knew he was the real deal about family first and that's my mantra. So I really liked that about Ronival and it turns out that he is all about family first and that's really important to me, especially in this industry, so what do I do? I represent buyers and sellers and I love the list and I love to sell. And one of the things that really impressed me about Ronival was that they had this wealth of support with 50 plus agents and the teamwork was amazing. Um, we have weekly meetings and there's just a ton of support and help which most agencies don't offer. The other thing that was really special and important to me about Ronival was the fact that they have a listing team and a legal team and a closing team and that gave me the opportunity to go out and do, I do best, which is represent buyers and sellers. So, I'm really grateful that I'm working for them and myself and I love the team concept. Our office is small. So when we opened the office, Emma and I decided to become partners and work together to co-list and I've came from Lake Tahoe where there was a small community and I worked as a team there as well and I know it works and, so far so good and so what makes Ronival special and important to me, I think it's, the fact that there's other agents that I'm comfortable calling and help, There's help out there for me and support and you just don't get that with most real estate agencies And so, that's about it. And, yeah, well, and also last year when Nick asked us to set our goals and put them in writing, I just, I did that of course, and I decided, oh, what the heck, I'm gonna double my goal. And so here it is, I'm right on track. And so again, I'm really happy to be working for Ronival and all of you guys have been great and I appreciate everything that everybody does. Okay, bye.

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