Bob Miller for Customer success!

July 09, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bob Miller, Operating Partner, Plexus Capital

Tell us about your experience with Shortlist

Bob Miller: Hello, I'm Robert Miller, an Operating Partner at Plexus Capital based in Raleigh, North Carolina. As an operating partner at Plexus Capital, I assist companies we invest in, through coaching, mentoring, partnering, and executing their value creation plan. Additionally, I run our Finance center of excellence which utilizes the transformation planning framework to create value in our investments in the back office side of our portfolio companies. So in working with our portfolio companies, I'm often involved in assisting in talent acquisition & development. I recently just completed a hire utilizing Recruit Rockstars for the very first time. They were recommended to me by a former HR leader and I was immediately intrigued by their approach and their value proposition. From the very first step, I was impressed by the ease of working with them, the various interactions with Jeff & Nicole to the full suite of tools that helped me create a robust job profile and help me walk through the process of receiving in vetting candidates was all very easy. I was very impressed at the speed of which we moved from our first interaction to seeing candidates. In fact, the flow of candidates, despite the tight labor market, was very robust, giving me the opportunity to initiate contact and begin discussions with qualified candidates for the role that I was helping hire for. For me, the Recruit Rockstars process was a huge advantage as I like to be directly involved in interacting with candidates to ensure that we get exactly the right match for our needs. With other partners in the recruiting world, you sometimes only see candidates that someone else interprets is a match for you. With Recruit Rockstars, you are involved deeply throughout the entire process. We definitely would use Recruit Rockstars again. And I would recommend them to others, especially those who are experienced in talent acquisition.

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