Paul Guirlet for B2B Case Studies

November 18, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul Guirlet, Technical Manager, GDI

What problem was your company dealing with before RigServ?

Paul Guirlet: GDI (Gulf Drilling International) was facing a problem with our inventory on our fleet, both onshore and offshore, so we thought that we had too much money in mobilized in this inventory, The parts were not moving enough, so it was decided that we need to do a very thorough inventory of what we had in our warehouses and then review our processes to improve this.

How did RigServ help resolve this challenge?

Paul Guirlet: So RigServ mobilized a team of professional, uh, personnel who performed, uh, detail audit of some of our units onshore, offshore, as well as our central warehouse. And they attended with a few interview of key personnel involved in the procurement and supply chain organization, as well as end users. Uh, they were able to visit site onshore offshore. They had all the required training and certificates. They were extremely familiar with the drilling units we operate and they were immediately going and focusing on the key, uh, items and address, uh, our inventory. And they knew a lot of times where the pain points, pain points where

What results did you get with RigServ?

Paul Guirlet: So after the audit RigServ delivered us with very good report straight to the point where they identify both our strength and our weakness. They presented this report with in front of our management and it was a very honest, clear assessment of our current status, identifying all the good points, which was good. That were the points that where we are performing well. But also they clearly identify a lot of elements that would require some effort from our parts. What was nice is they had developed simple rating system so it goes from firefighter clerk Manager and best in class to manage your inventory. Uh So where the company was positioned based on explicit measurable criterias and with this assessment completed, uh They also presented us with a way forward. They highlighted some key recommendations for us, showing us some low hanging fruits that we would be able to uh achieve easily and simply. And then for the longer term, the proposed detailed plan where they could offer additional assistance to help us to improve and reach the best in class

Is there anything that comes to mind that you could share about your choice of RigServ as a service partner?

Paul Guirlet: The first thing that comes to my mind when we talk about RigServ is the professionalism of the team and all their members very experienced, knowledgeable and also their team approach to their issue. Um They're really join our team, they are member of our team and they really want to lead us in a way to deliver a better result for the company. Um They developed and prepare our plan, They make sure that everybody was on board with the plan to go forward. They also double check that everybody understood the goal that were established that we wanted to achieve. And they provided us with a very clear guidance on the way the means and the tools to achieve these targets. Yeah.

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