Gregg Rotenberg CEO Grid Focus Energy

August 25, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gregg Rotenberg, President, Grid Focus Energy

How has Shortlist has helped your company?

Gregg Rotenberg: I'm Gregg Rotenberg of Grid Focus Energy. We hired Shortlist to help us fill a senior-level position.

What was the outcome of your Shortlist?

Gregg Rotenberg: Shortlist gave us nearly 80 interested, qualified candidates in less than a week.

What do you love most about Shortlist?

Gregg Rotenberg: What I love most about Shortlist is the value & the speed at which you get highly interested candidates that meet all the criteria that you set for the position.

Would you recommend Shortlist to others?

Gregg Rotenberg: I consistently recommend Shortlist to others that are looking to fill important positions.

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