Customer Testimonial (Heritage Builders)

July 08, 2021

Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Sean Mery. I'm the owner of Heritage Builders in central New Jersey, Monmouth County and I just want to say a couple things about Bryce. We invested heavily into lead marketing for close to two years. We tried porch and a number of others, thumbtack, Facebook. The list went on. We essentially had really no results at all We probably spent $150,000 in 18 to 24 months. We heard about Bryce on Facebook, contacted him. Great businessman, customer service driven. The leads started coming in, love the two week free trial. No commitment. Put your money where your mouth is kind of thing and he proved he can get us leads. I have to tell you, we've never experienced this volume of leads ever! Right now for a minimal investment, we're getting upwards of 25 - 35 leads a week. And, I would say 90% of them are solid leads. We've already closed a number of deals, and this whole program started four weeks ago. So that being said, if you want success with leads, give Bryce a try and you'll get good results. The best results!

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