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4 Best Video Testimonial Apps for Collecting and Editing Customer Video Footage in 2023

One of the best and easiest methods of collecting video testimonials from your customers is to use a video testimonial app. Read more about four of the best options in this article.

One of the best and easiest methods of collecting video testimonials from your customers is to use a video testimonial app. A well-designed app makes it easier to:

  • Regularly collect footage for video testimonials.
  • Easily edit video content so it looks great in marketing campaigns.
  • Simply publish those videos on your website and social media.

Below, we’ll show you four video apps that help you do all three.

We’ll start by walking through our own software, Vocal Video. We’ll specifically cover how you can:

  • Collect high quality testimonials regularly — even if you don’t have time to talk to customers face-to-face.
  • Automatically turn that footage into polished, yet authentic video assets with little to no manual editing.
  • Easily embed or share on social without upload/downloading to different video hosting services.

We’ll also review three of the other most popular video testimonial apps in the space, including:

We’ll briefly show you how each of these options compare to each other.

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Vocal Video: Collect Customer Video Footage Quickly and Easily

Every app you’ll read about in this article can help you collect video footage — in this space, that’s table stakes. Typically, that means sending a link to your customer, displaying a few questions, and letting the customer record answers from their phone or computer.

The difference between the tools lies in the details, including how the video is collected, if and how the app helps you reach out to customers to ask for the testimonial, and how video footage is edited after collection.

At Vocal Video, we’ve designed every detail of our platform to help you:

  1. Save time.
  2. Create beautifully edited videos (without any special equipment).

Let’s start with how you collect video testimonials.

Collect Videos from Anyone, Anywhere — Customers Don’t Have to Set Up a Meeting or Download Anything

The best video testimonial apps let you collect video from anyone, anywhere, asynchronously, with no special equipment, while still producing a high-quality end result.

That means you don’t have to schedule a Zoom interview, or set up a meeting with your customer.

In Vocal Video’s case, you just send a link to your customer and collect footage.

They can open it on any device, and in any browser, no downloads required.

Customers can record on their phone, tablet, or computer:

Vocal Video Collectors Look Great on Any Device with Nothing for Respondents to Install

The collector screen is branded to your logo and colors (not ours) so customers know they’re interacting with your brand.

The collector walks them through the process of recording answers to the questions you outlined during setup.

Emplicity is an HR-focused B2B company. Majka is a B2C company that produces nutritional supplements.

Your customers can re-shoot each video as many times as they’d like, even technically challenged customers can use it, and the entire process of shooting a testimonial takes a matter of minutes.

Use Automatically Applied Visual Elements, or Easily Edit the Videos Yourself

Once your customer has finished shooting their testimonial footage, you can use Vocal Video to turn it into a polished, professional video marketing asset in just minutes. Here’s what a typical finished product from Vocal Video looks like:

If you were using any of the other tools on this list and wanted to create a video with that level of polish, you’d have to download the raw footage and use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to edit it (and if you don’t have experience, this will take hours — we’ve tried it).

But the best part about the video above is that it can be created in just minutes.

How is this possible? Because most of the graphical elements you see in the video above are applied automatically.

Here’s how it works:

Once your customers have recorded and submitted their video, the footage automatically gets an intro slide and outro slide applied to it;

Interstitial slides for each question;

And name and title graphics.

Plus, background music is automatically added, and you get an instant, AI-powered transcript for every video (which is great for SEO).

Of course, you can edit any of the automatically applied graphics or audio effects if you want to.

And if you want to edit out dead space or clip a few “ums” and “ahs” you can do so easily with the trimming tool.

You can also turn a video into a purely audio presentation if the footage doesn’t look as good as it sounds.

Together, these visual and audio tools help you polish your videos or salvage less than stellar submissions. This is especially important when you’re collecting videos regularly, and need to pump out polished products quickly and efficiently!

Easily Publish Video Testimonials and Use Them in Your Marketing Campaigns

With other apps, you can shoot videos but then you need to use another hosting platform. You have to download your video, upload it to the hosting platform, then hope it’s short enough to not be interrupted by ads (looking at you, YouTube).

Since every feature of Vocal Video was designed carefully, and to save as much time as possible, we included hosting, so you have no intermediary download and upload.

In fact, hosting is included in every Vocal Video plan, so it’s simple to publish your videos for use in any marketing campaign.

You don’t have to:

  • Pay for another hosting platform.
  • Download your video and upload it to another platform (although you can download any of your videos, if you want to).
  • Deal with YouTube ads interrupting your videos.

You can simply copy and paste simple HTML and embed the video in your site, or send viewers to a professional landing page:

Read our guide for more information on how to use client testimonials in websites.

Save Time by Automating the Video Creation Process

When we designed Vocal Video, we were focused on helping marketers save as much time as possible. So we designed the platform to integrate with Zapier so you can automate the entire process of making video testimonials.

When you put the entire customer testimonial collection process on autopilot like this, you can create a massive library of testimonials to use in all kinds of marketing campaigns and use cases — and save tons of time doing it.

Here’s how you do it:

Start by defining a trigger to set off the collection process. For example, any time someone gives your product a five star rating or a high Net Promoter Score, you could ask for a review.

Or — if you don’t have a trigger that integrates with Zapier — you could just create an email list of happy and engaged customers, and manually send them an email testimonial request campaign once a quarter.

Then, you can use any of the 3,000 Zapier integrations to automate the rest of your workflow.

For example:

  • Slack can let you know a new video submission has come in.
  • A copy of the video can automatically be saved to Google Drive.
  • The finished video can be automatically pushed to YouTube.
  • Giftbit can automatically fulfill interviewee incentives.

In fact, we wrote a full article teaching our process for automating testimonial video creation with Vocal Video and Zapier, which you can read here.

To recap: Vocal Video makes it super easy to request a video testimonial, then collect, edit, and publish it without a lot of time or training.

Other Video Testimonial Apps

The three other major video testimonial apps we’ll review include VideoPeel, VideoAsk, and Boast.io. Here’s a quick overview of what they offer and how they compare to Vocal Video.


VideoPeel's homepage: "The World's Most Powerful Solution for Video Social Proof"

VideoPeel is one of the main video testimonial apps used in the eCommerce space. They have native integrations with Shopify and Amazon, and offer social media publishing options as well.

They also offer a collector that works on any device, similar to Vocal Video’s (though we think it’s slightly less polished):

VideoPeel's collector.

But one of the main drawbacks with the VideoPeel app is an almost complete lack of editing options.

You can add a simple overlay as shown below, that’s where the options end.

VideoPeel in action.

You can’t:

  • Clip or edit the footage.
  • Add text interstitials to show questions between responses.
  • Add any graphics beside a simple overlay.


Boast.io's homepage: "The easiest way to collect video testimonials, online reviews, and customer feedback."

Boast.io is an online platform for collecting all manner of testimonials — from written feedback, to videos, to simple star reviews.

In fact, every video request must start with a star review first, then the customer can attach a video response as well (if they want to).

Boast.io does offer automated email drip sequences built into their app, so you don’t have to copy and paste anything into your email platform, which is convenient if you want everything in one place.

However, they offer no branding or editing options, so the video footage you receive is set in stone. Without branding, it’s tough to use the footage in video advertising.


VideoAsk's homepage: "Get Personal with Video; Interact face-to-face with your audience & build stronger business relationships."

VideoAsk is a video platform that specializes in “video conversations.” The tool is meant to make it easy to volley videos back and forth with customers, and engage 1-1.

VideoAsk can technically be used to create testimonials, and they do have a testimonial section on their site, but we wouldn’t consider them primarily a video testimonial app. Instead, you have to record a video for each question you want to ask, and use the recorded responses as testimonial footage.

Again, there are little to no editing options available on the platform.

See a more detailed comparison of these four platforms in our other piece on VideoPeel alternatives.

The Bottom Line: Want an End-to-End Video Testimonial App? Use Vocal Video

We designed Vocal Video to offer everything you need to create quality video testimonials, video reviews, customer stories, and more — from beginning to end.

When you use Vocal Video, you get:

  • Outreach templates to send customers asking for a testimonial.
  • Proven example questions to make sure you get consistently high-quality video footage from customers.
  • An easy to use collection app that customers can use to shoot testimonials asynchronously, using their computer or mobile device.
  • Automatically applied edits and graphical elements to make your videos stand out and look professional.
  • Built-in hosting and publishing tools to make it easy to use your videos anywhere.
  • A Zapier integration to automate the collection and publishing process.

With these features, you can more easily broadcast messages from your most satisfied customers, offer authentic social proof for new and potential customers, and improve your marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Read our guide on how to create a gallery with all your video testimonials like this.

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