Best Alternatives for Recording Video Testimonials

We examine several Boast alternatives for video testimonials, including a deep comparison of our own video testimonial platform, Vocal Video. is a useful platform to collect written customer testimonials and star ratings, conduct review management, and add video testimonials.

But, if you’re a marketer specifically looking to record impactful video testimonials, has no tools for editing, trimming, and polishing the videos for greater impact, nor an option of adding your own branding over the raw footage you capture.

In this post, we’ll discuss what does well, along with its drawbacks for marketers looking to record video testimonials. We’ll present three Boast alternatives, including our own platform: Vocal Video.

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When to Use for Greatest Effect The easiest way to collect video testimonials, online reviews, and customer feedback. Everything you need to automatically request, collect, and share feedback from your customers. is a SaaS platform that collects written customer testimonials and online reviews and offers a star-rating option that works particularly well.

Its form-based system works by getting users to choose between a ready-to-go template or setting up their own form to collect customer feedback.

Users are then walked through the process of adding the questions they want to ask, changing rating criteria, and wording (Excellent, Good, Not bad, Poor, Terrible, or however they may want to word it), and making specific responses a requirement.

Questions can be multiple choice, simple box ticks, or users can specifically ask for a written response. They can also add just one or two questions, right up to creating a whole survey with multiple pages for more in-depth customer feedback.

Users then send out a link to the form they have created to their chosen customers, by email or SMS, and the customers fill it out on the landing page for that specific form.

Once the testimonial is finished, customers can also be prompted to add another testimonial on a variety of other social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more. This makes it easy for positive feedback to be spread over more online review sites.

Depending on the tone of the feedback given, users can choose to automatically display these reviews on their website by using a widget embed code that provides. They can set parameters for this automation, including specific star ratings or keywords used in the feedback to prevent an online review of a poor customer experience showing up on a testimonial page.

This configurable form makes super useful for a range of different kinds of written customer feedback, such as collecting reviews from all customers, including detractors (rather than just the ones that are happy with the product or service).

The information gathered using can be used to figure out both what companies are doing right and what they are doing wrong, and then fix issues accordingly.

Drawbacks of for Creating Video Testimonials

When you need to collect video testimonials, in particular, the biggest drawback to is that it doesn’t offer any editing tools within the platform itself and provides no automatic editing functionality, either.

So, the footage you get is raw and arrives in your inbox exactly as the customer recorded it on their own device.

With, the video testimonials you receive are:

  • Sent to you raw and completely unedited: You get no automatic captions, title sequences, logos, or background music.
  • Not editable within the app or platform: You have to download the video and make changes in Adobe Premiere (or a similar editing suite) and then replace the video attached to the written feedback, if you want to use the two things together. Plus, you must have a deep knowledge of video editing or be willing to pay a video editor to get a professional looking video.
  • Always attached to the written testimonials: You’ll have to download them if you want to use them separately. vs Vocal Video: With Vocal Video, you can insert your logo and branding, text overlays and autogenerated subtitles from speech to text transcription.

In the examples above, you can see that the video is a simple shot that includes no branding, captions, or text overlays, while the testimonial collected with Vocal Video automatically comes with all of these features, even before you edit it yourself. (We’ll talk more about this below.)

Because customers are only given the option of adding a video testimonial after they write a review using, you can’t always be sure that you’ll get a video testimonial, even if that’s what you’re specifically looking for.

Making this step optional is likely to reduce response rates given many people’s natural tendency to shy away from video recordings.

If your customer does choose to record a video testimonial, they just click the record button and talk about whatever thoughts they have about your brand, then click again to stop recording.

Boast doesn’t walk the user through the recording process with prompts or suggestions of how to record the best video testimonial.

This can lead to testimonials with messaging that’s not useful to marketers. Customers are also left in the dark about what to say in the video and this can affect response rates even further.

Vocal Video: Specifically Designed to Record and Edit Professional-Quality Video Testimonials

Vocal Video gives you all the tools you need, within our own platform, to remotely collect and produce high-quality, polished video testimonials to use in your customer-facing marketing campaigns.

Our process for collecting, recording, editing, and publishing video testimonials has been honed over 10 years, and we designed it with a focus on ease of use for both our users and their customers.

Even if you have absolutely no experience or expertise in video recording and editing, we made sure the process is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Vocal Video provides you with high quality testimonial videos as soon as they’ve been recorded by automatically applying:

  • Your logo, branding, and colors.
  • Automatically-generated captions and transcript (great for SEO).
  • Text overlays (for customer’s name and position, for example).
  • Motion graphics.
  • Transitions.
  • Interstitial slides showing the questions you asked your customer.
  • Background music.

For some examples of how this looks, see some of the videos our customers have created.

And this is all before you even start making your own optional tweaks and changes using our in-platform, user-friendly editing tools.

Editing And Trimming for Impact Made Easy in Vocal Video

When you receive a customer testimonial video, even though a lot of the editing work has been automated, you still get the chance to make your own changes using our simple in-built editing tools.

By using our simple drag and drop tools, you can boost the quality of your video even further by:

  • Trimming responses to make them more compelling and impactful.
  • Changing the order of ‘scenes’ within the video.
  • Changing out background music for one of our license-free tracks or adding your own (and modulating volume throughout the video).
  • Adjusting text in the automated captions.
  • Pasting together several testimonials to create a highlight reel.
A look into the Vocal Video platform.

For more tips on how to edit great customer testimonial videos, take a look at our article: How to Create the Best Customer Video Reviews (Without a Professional Team or Complicated Software).

Collect Testimonial Videos Directly from Customers by Creating a Video Collector

You can use our simple and streamlined process to ask for and collect video testimonials from satisfied customers.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Use Vocal Video’s email templates to ask happy customers to provide you with a video testimonial.
  • Write or record a welcome message to introduce yourself, explain what you want the customer to do, and thank them for agreeing to record a video.
  • Write the questions you want to ask your customer; alternatively, you can use one of our 45 collector templates, which include fully customizable suggested questions.
  • Set your brand colors and add your logo to be used in the video.
  • Send out an email link to the Vocal Video platform where your customer can record their video testimonial.
Let's get some responses: Standard and Personalized Links

For more information on this, see our article: How to Get Video Testimonials from Customers: A Tried and Tested Process.

Vocal Video Guides Your Customers to Record the Most Valuable Videos

Vocal Video collectors look great on any device with nothing for respondents to install.

Once your customers clicks on the Vocal Video link, they are simply directed to your landing page on our platform where they go through your prompts and record their video testimonial.

They don’t have to download any apps or new software. It works on any laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (with iOS or Android).

The Vocal Video collector interface is very simple to use and is built to guide users through the video recording experience.

It shows customers the questions one-by-one and records the answer to each one separately.

A preview of the Vocal Video platform on mobile, desktop & tablet.

This way responses stay focused on the topics that you bring up in your prompts and customers are less likely to veer off topic.

By taking this step-by-step approach, the whole video testimonial recording process is made much less daunting for your customers, which increases response rates.

Other Competitors


VideoPeel: The World's Most Powerful Solution for Video Social Proof; Remotely capture videos from your customers in seconds.

VideoPeel automates collection and recording of video testimonials by sending a link out to respondents that allows them to easily record and submit a video. It provides a basic editing tool to add a logo, text overlays, star ratings, or video disclaimers.

Customers can use a variety of platforms to record videos (including mobile and desktop) and users can send out automated thank you messages. It also provides social media and eCommerce publishing options.

Some Drawbacks of VideoPeel

VideoPeel’s editing functionality is very limited. Within the platform, testimonial videos can’t be trimmed and users can’t add any other visual elements, graphics, or background music.

For a more in-depth analysis of the benefits and downsides of VideoPeel, see our VideoPeel Alternatives article.


VideoAsk: Get Personal with Video; interact face-to-face with your audience and build stronger business relationships.

VideoAsk is a video message recording platform to record “video conversations”.

Its video messages replace text-based messages that users might typically send as an email, etc.

It’s a useful tool for standing out from the crowd when asking for responses to sales messages or market research, for example.

The idea being that whoever users send a VideoAsk message to, via email, can then respond in the same way, setting up a virtual ‘conversation’ that imitates the natural flow of real-time conversations.

Some Drawbacks of VideoAsk

The back-and-forth process on which VideoAsk is based is not as useful when applied to collecting and recording customer testimonial videos.

To ask all the questions needed to collect a complete testimonial video, the two options users have are to (1) either ask all the questions in a single message — which can be overwhelming for the respondent, or (2) to ask the questions one-by-one via multiple separate video messages.

This second option is a fragmented approach that can be a lengthy process — often resulting in a higher abandonment rate.

To make video collection more seamless for both users and respondents, video testimonial templates are a useful solution. However, VideoAsk doesn’t offer them.

VideoAsk’s editing features are limited to adding text overlays (in a range of colors) and adding a video title to be shown throughout the entire video recording.

For additional graphics, text slides, and music, for example, VideoAsk’s videos need to be exported and edited using additional video editing software.

For a more comprehensive look at what VideoAsk does well, along with its drawbacks, see our article comparing VideoAsk alternatives.

Vocal Video: The Best Boast Alternative for Recording and Editing Video Testimonials may offer better tools for collecting written testimonials, but if you’re focused on recording and editing customer testimonials, and want an easy to use, all-in-one platform to do that, Vocal Video is the best solution.

Vocal Video gives you everything you need to:

  • Record customer video testimonials using a simple and streamlined process.
  • Receive automatically edited videos for great quality videos from the outset.
  • Edit and tweak your own customer testimonial videos (even without previous experience) using our robust and user-friendly in-built editing tools.
  • Guide your customers in the recording process — increasing response rates and messaging.Note: Are you looking for a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to record high quality customer testimonial videos? Sign up here to get a free Vocal Video account.

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