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Agile marketers use Vocal Video to create all kinds of authentic social proof videos. Like these.

Thought Leadership

Google Cloud is using Vocal Video to remotely collect and share stories from their technical leaders about what they're looking forward to in the future of cloud-based AI.

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Customer Testimonials

New Relic uses Vocal Video to remotely capture, edit, and share authentic customer video testimonials like this. Engineers, managers, and CTOs have all shared why they chose New Relic via Vocal Video.

Executive Stories

Comscore is using Vocal Video as a key tool to promote the launch of their new company vision. Video interviews of their CEO, Chief Revenue Officer, and others, fully produced with Vocal Video, are showcased and help personalize the message to their audience.

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Product Launch

Wrike promoted a new product launch with Vocal Video, collecting and promoting videos like this one from their enthusiastic early adopters.

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Customer Testimonials

Gideon Math and Reading launched their Testimony Tuesday with videos like this one, all collected from parents that subscribe to their tutoring program.

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Customer Stories

Martha Stoumen Wines reached out to their wine club members and other fans to collect stories about what their wines meant to them.

The result was a customer video gallery featuring videos like this one.

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Employee Videos

Wonolo captures and shares video stories about their employees and workers on their blog and social media to help in employee recruitment and build brand awareness.

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Thought Leadership Videos

MyWorkChoice showcases the insights of industry expert Edie Goldberg in this blog post, created from a Vocal Video and the automatically generated video transcript.

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