How Wrike Captures Customer Story Videos for a New Product

Wrike needed to promote a major new product feature - Wrike Spaces. But how do you capture customers stories before launch?

The Wrike customer and product marketing teams had a significant challenge.   They needed to promote a major new product feature - Wrike Spaces.  Wrike Spaces was a significant improvement in terms of allowing teams at larger companies to organize their projects and folders so as to better collaborate in Wrike.  But how do you showcase that value at launch without any customer proof?  

It is the age old conundrum.   Social proof sells, but if your product is new, how do you acquire that social proof before launch to promote it?   Wrike came up with an innovative solution to that dilemma.   They harnessed the voices of their early adopters (beta customers) for Wrike Spaces and captured them using Vocal Video.    They instantly had a war chest of video testimonial content ready for their product launch and available to be leveraged in social and email campaigns.    

"Authenticity behind testimonials goes a really long way, especially when a lot of consumers and prospects out there in the market are doing their own research. Testimonial videos are  where the market is headed today, and it's ultimately how you capture people's attention." Alexri Patel

Alexri Patel tells the story of how Wrike used Vocal Video in the Spaces product launch.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alexri Patel, Customer Marketing Manager, Wrike

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Alexri Patel: So testimonial videos are insanely critical to our business for a couple reasons. One being kind of the most obvious: Testimonial videos are authentic. You really can't beat authenticity when you're trying to capture the voice of your customers and really have them speak from their own opinion about their experience or usage of a certain product or service. The authenticity behind those testimonials go a really long way, especially when a lot of consumers and prospects out there in the market are doing their own research. Testimonial videos are where the market is headed today and it's ultimately how you capture people's attention.

How are you using Vocal Video?

Alexri Patel: We are using Vocal Video today to launch and run a joint product marketing and customer marketing campaign that we sent out to customers to ultimately collect a lot of positive, but also very thoughtful and helpful feedback about one of our recent product features - Wrike Spaces. We went in with the purpose of getting just some good thoughts and testimonials around how people were using Wrike Spaces and how they liked it so far. We were hoping to really take these testimonial videos and ultimately repurpose them into social or other marketing materials.

If you had to describe Vocal Video in one or two sentences, what would you say?

Alexri Patel: I were to describe Vocal Video in one or two sentences, that's a tough one. I think I would say that Vocal Video is basically an easy way to reach out to your customers and ask them for their raw, authentic feedback in the form of a video or if they choose, they can even submit via audio. One of the reasons why we love Vocal Video is that it's just a really easy, more personal way to capture a testimonial wherever you are in the world. Honestly, that sort of video proof at your fingertips is really powerful.

How do you use Vocal Video for product launches?

Alexri Patel: One of the ways that we use Vocal Video for product launches is by one, we actually send out a campaign asking for some early feedback from beta participants that participated in the early release. What we'll do is we'll gather those proof points through Vocal Video, and then take those after the launch and really use it to promote it on social. We'll turn it around, turn it into different social posts, use it in email blasts and things like that. It's really great proof to acquire from early beta participants and then use that later on to really show the proof in the pudding.

Would you recommend other marketers try Vocal Video?

Alexri Patel: I would 100% recommend Vocal Video to any and all marketers out there. The reason why is because video proof is really where we're headed. It's easily digestible content. Consumers look for short snippets of information and can only digest a little bit at a time. This is the way to reach your customers. We had great experience using Vocal Video for past campaigns and I look forward to using them more. To be honest, I think that they have one of the most user friendly and innovative platforms that I've seen to date. I'm really excited to continue using them and really excited to loop them into other innovative projects we're working on now.

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