4 VideoAsk Alternatives: Which Is Best for You?

Learn about four popular VideoAsk alternatives, including: Vocal Video, VideoPeel, Dubb, and Boast.io.

VideoAsk is great for communicating back and forth with your customers or prospects, but doesn’t work well for all applications.

Specifically, if you’re looking to record and edit high quality video testimonials to use in your marketing campaigns, then it’s worth looking at some VideoAsk alternatives to cover those needs.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of VideoAsk and cover four alternatives, including our own: Vocal Video.

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How VideoAsk Works and When It Works Well

VideoAsk was specifically built for what it calls “video conversations” and is particularly suited for surveys, sales processes, and market research, for example.

In essence, you replace a message you might normally send as an email with a video message. The customer, or prospect you are contacting, then sends a video message back (or they can opt to reply with an email or audio message) and the ‘conversation’ continues like this, back and forth, mimicking a real-time interaction.

VideoAsk homepage: Get personal with Video; Interact face-to-face with your audience and build stronger business relationships.

This works great if you want to grab somebody’s attention and give your communications a more personal touch by using video messaging.

It gets a natural conversation flowing and the people involved can see each other as if they were talking face-to-face and hear each other’s voices.

The platform also makes it easy to send out video messages to multiple people. You can quickly copy and paste a piece of html code into the body of an email so the recipient sees the message immediately.

You can also quickly share your videos via:

  • An automatically-generated URL.
  • A widget loaded onto your website.
  • An iFrame you can embed on any webpage.
  • Sharing directly to social media channels from the platform.

All of this makes for a simple-to-use tool that’s good for communicating effectively with your prospects, asking for feedback on your product, or taking a quick survey.

However, it doesn’t cover everything you need if you plan to use your videos in customer-facing assets or marketing campaigns.

Where VideoAsk Falls Short

The whole back-and-forth premise of VideoAsk is not ideal for collecting video testimonials or video reviews.

This is because you either need to ask all the questions you have in a single video message, which risks overwhelming your respondent, or you send the questions out one by one in separate messages, which makes video collection laborious for both you and your interviewee.

This process adds friction for the customer, which ultimately reduces response quality, or makes it less likely they will respond in the first place.

For testimonials, both parties need to use a tool that will be as quick and simple as possible to get the job done. This is where video testimonial templates can be useful, but VideoAsk doesn’t offer them.

Although it allows you to re-record videos you aren’t happy with, VideoAsk’s editing capabilities don’t actually go much further than that. You can add text overlays (in a variety of colors), and have an option to show the title of your video throughout the recording.

The result is that you either have to use the VideoAsk recording in the same way as it arrives, ask your customer to re-record it if it isn’t suitable for your purposes, or export it and use an additional app to trim the video and add other features such as graphics, background music, and extra text slides, etc.

So, if you need video testimonials that you can share on your marketing channels, it’s better to go with a platform that will make it super easy for you to tweak and polish any videos you get back from happy customers before you publish them.

Vocal Video: The Better Solution to Create Polished Marketing Videos

With Vocal Video, you get all the tools you need to create professional, polished videos that you can use in all of your customer-facing campaigns.

Each of our founding team members have over 10 years of experience with collecting, recording, editing, and publishing video testimonials and we’ve made that process super easy for our users to replicate, even if you have no technical video recording or editing experience.

Here are the tools provided within Vocal Video to do so seamlessly and effortlessly:

Powerful Video Editing and Automatic Themes

Unlike VideoAsk, Vocal Video gives you a robust set of editing tools that make it incredibly easy to edit your videos into high quality, powerful marketing assets. That means you won’t need to learn to use (or pay for) complicated video editing tools.

Before you even watch a new testimonial, Vocal Video automatically applies a theme and background music to the raw footage recorded by your customers.

This automated process means that even if you don’t edit them at all, your videos will come with intro and outro slides, the name and title of your respondent, and inserts including the questions you asked — all in line with your own branding and colors.

It also generates automatic transcriptions for each of your videos.

A preview of the Vocal Video platform in action.

So, you’ll already be one step ahead in quality and you can publish the videos exactly as they arrive in your inbox. It’s really that simple.

But, if you’re looking to crank up the quality, you can also use our simple editing tools to make your video testimonials even more engaging and powerful.

By dragging and dropping the scenes in the above example, for instance, you can change their order, or even delete scenes that aren’t quite right for sharing. Our editing tools also let you trim each scene in the videos you collect to cut out pauses and dead time or shorten long answers.

On top of that, you can use video and/or audio formats within a testimonial. So, if the visual quality of the recording is not great, but the testimonial is still valuable, you can just choose to use just the audio instead.

Easily trim video scenes within Vocal Video.

You can also choose your own background music from a whole library of royalty free options that we supply, or choose a tune of your own.

If the sound is too loud, you can turn it down so you don’t drown out the speaker.

Easily add a music soundtrack to your testimonials with Vocal Video

We’ve made sure that all of our editing tools and interfaces are simple and intuitive to use, so that you can become a pro at using Vocal Video in no more than 15 minutes — without any training.

However, we also have a few 5-minute, easy to follow video tutorials that are available to cover any questions that may come up along the way.

To see how it all comes together, here’s a great example of a testimonial that Google made using Vocal Video:

Vocal Video Makes the Video Collection Process Easy for You and Your Respondents

Vocal Video can be used on any device — including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, along with desktop. Plus, the user doesn’t need to download any new app or software to record a testimonial.

They just click on the link you forward to them and then they are directed to your Vocal Video landing page in their browser, where they can simply start recording.

Since the process is so effortless, your users will be more likely to send you a video testimonial.

Vocal Video is easily accessible on mobile, desktop and tablet.

When they start recording their video testimonial, Vocal Video walks your respondent through one question at a time — giving them the chance to record an answer to each question in a separate take.

This makes the whole process easier for your interviewee and stops them from getting tongue tied or forgetting what you asked them.

It also gives them a chance to prepare their answer to each of your questions, keeps them on topic and on message, which ultimately makes their video more valuable for your marketing campaign.

Video Testimonial Templates

Vocal Video gives you over 45 video testimonial templates that you can use to speed up the process of creating high quality video testimonials.

Vocal Video: Let's create a Video Collector

We’ve organized each template into different use cases (video testimonials for customers & clients, employees, events, and nonprofits, for example), and we’ve templatized the editing elements such as:

  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Overlays
  • Background music

Additionally, the templates help you with the entire process of asking for and collecting video testimonials, and include:

  • A 3-step email sequence to request video testimonials, follow up on the request, and confirm a positive response.
  • Example questions to ask your interviewees.

The text for both email outreach and example interview questions is based on our years of experience successfully collecting video testimonials, so you can count on them for getting the results you need. However, these templates can easily be fully customized and updated as needed.

For more details on how best to ask for and collect video testimonials using our templates, see our article here.

Three More VideoAsk Alternatives

Let’s take a look at three other popular VideoAsk alternatives:


VideoPeel homepage: The World's Most Powerful Solution for Video Social Proof

According to VideoPeel’s website, you can “capture videos from your customers, patients, students, team members, etc. from any device, anywhere in the world. No app download nor login required.”

The idea behind the platform is to collect videos from customers quickly and easily, similarly to Vocal Video, using three different templates (profile message, photo message, and video message).

Customers can record videos on a range of platforms and devices (Android, iOS and desktop), and once you receive the videos, you can use a third-party editing tool or hire a video producer to add a logo, star ratings, and a text overlay to the videos, for example.

Where VideoPeel Falls Short

VideoPeel’s editing tool is very limited in its functionality. It allows you to introduce overlays into the videos you collect along with disclaimers, but beyond that there is actually not much you can change.

There’s no trimming function, no option to add text slides, background music, or other visual elements.

When recording a video, VideoPeel presents all of your question prompts to your interviewee in a single screenshot. This means they have to remember everything you’ve asked them and respond to it in a single take.

That may be the quickest way to get a response, but it won’t be the most valuable and accurate way because the video messages you receive will likely be lacking in quality.

Given these limitations with the VideoPeel editing and recording process, your customer needs to nail the video recording perfectly and be completely on message for their video testimonial to be useful.

To read a more in-depth analysis of VideoPeel and its competitors see our article.


Dubb homepage: Send video messages to get more sales, leads, and customers.

Dubb focuses on replacing messages with videos, and allows users to host, share, and track video messages through channels such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, Twitter, SMS, and others.

As it explains on its website, “Dubb offers a suite of video creation, distribution, and tracking tools to engage your prospects and increase your revenue.”

This highlights that its main focus is on sending video messages to customers and prospects to enhance the sales process.

It is best used for lead generation, customer support, video training, and video email campaigns, for example, as it tracks engagement with the video messages you send out and gives you metrics you can use to improve sales communications.

Where Dubb Falls Short

Dubb is specifically designed for companies to record their own video messages to send out to their leads, customers, and prospects.

Because it’s not designed to collect video from customers, it doesn’t offer functionalities for customers to record their own videos and send them back to you.

To collect customer feedback or testimonials from your users, for example, they would need to sign up for Dubb themselves, which is a major obstacle in getting responses.


Boast.io homepage: The easiest way to collect customer feedback, video testimonials, and online reviews.

Boast.io is a general testimonial SaaS platform, which includes video testimonial recording as one of its features. It collects written five-star testimonial reviews and gives users the option of adding a video message.

So, you can get an authentic video message when your customers write a review, which gives written testimonials an extra layer of authenticity and social proof.

Where Boast.io Falls Short

While raw videos are authentic, they aren’t always useful for a more polished marketing campaign.

The video messages attached to Boast.io testimonials can’t be edited, so you can’t add graphics, trim them, edit them down for clarity, or add background music.

You either use the video testimonials exactly as they arrive in your inbox, or don’t use them at all. Unless, of course, you want to uncouple the video from the written review and edit it using professional video editing software.

Use the Best Video Testimonial Recording Platform

For an all-in-one video testimonial recording platform, Vocal Video is hard to beat because it offers:

  • A video collection and recording process designed to be quick and easy for you and your respondents.
  • Automated themes and overlays to produce high quality videos the first time.
  • Comprehensive and robust editing tools to enhance your videos.
  • An easy, step-by-step process for video collection that increases response rates.

VideoAsk and its alternatives may offer better tools for video messaging and screen capture, for example. But if you’re looking to record and edit customer testimonial or marketing videos for greater engagement and impact using a single platform, give Vocal Video a try.

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