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Sales Enablement Videos

Asynchronous video collection and creation allows your organization to capture selling insights and knowledge to provide an instant, on-demand library of video resources.

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Why create sales enablement videos?

Video is a powerful way to relay customer stories, sales tips and tactics, competitive intelligence, and tutorials to your sales team.

Onboarding new reps, and keeping the  team up to date on new product features, go to market strategies, and customer use cases gives them the competitive edge they need to thrive in crowded markets.

How do you create video for sales enablement?

Continual video production is often written off from sales enablement strategies for being too expensive and time consuming.

With Vocal Video's platform you can easily collect video with short requests from sales leadership, executives, marketing, individual sales people - even customers. With no video editing expertise needed, these videos can form an evergreen, expanding video library of sales knowledge.

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4 key ways Vocal Video powers sales enablement programs:


Training Videos

Create a library of evergreen video content to accelerate onboarding new salespeople. With a fast and easy way to get videos from subject matter experts and customers, you can stop doing endless live trainings. This saves time for the marketing, product, and sales leaders and still ensures no sales reps miss valuable trainings.

Real example
Beacon Funding Keeps the Team Up to Date with Training Videos.

Sales wins

Use Vocal Video to asynchronously collect sales wins from your best performing reps. By giving salespeople the floor to share these customer stories including the challenges the customer faced, use cases, and ultimately why they chose your company, you give the rep exposure to the broader team and valuable customer stories and sales tactics for sales peers.


Customer References

In B2B buying cycles, a customer reference is gold. But it’s not always feasible or worth it to get a customer on the phone with a prospect. By collecting video testimonials from a broad set of customers, you can provide your sales team with the social proof they need about your product in a particular industry, company size, or geo - without burning out highly valued live customer references.

Real example
Fellow Highlights Customer Reference Videos.

Sales tips and tricks

Get the insights from sales leaders and seasoned sales professionals on video. By sharing their tips and tricks, they grow their personal brand within the organization, and increase the effectiveness of the entire team.


Fold video into every part of Sales Enablement

Integrate collecting, editing, reviewing, and managing video into your existing sales enablement stack.

Customers connect Vocal Video to Guru, Highspot, Seismic and thousands of other platforms with our Zapier integration.

Customer story

There are so many ways you can use Vocal Video: For internal training videos, for capturing the thoughts of your network, for promoting your clients, and telling their stories. It's a quick, simple, and authentic way to capture these videos. I 100% recommend that anyone give it a try.

JP Mills

Head of Storytelling, CFO Centre Group


Get started fast

Use our turn-key templates for remotely collecting sales enablement videos. Each battle-tested template includes questions to ask, instructions for respondents, a three touch email invitation sequence, and real examples.

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