5 eCommerce Video Ad Examples (+ How to Make Your Own)

Video ads are a great way to stand out from the crowd and capture customer attention; learn how with our collection of inspiring ecommerce ad examples.

Everybody recommends getting started with YouTube, TikTok ads, Facebook, and Instagram ads for ecommerce brands, but most lean teams never get past reading those recommendations. Going from a good idea to launching a marketing campaign complete with multiple ecommerce video ads is a huge task without the help of expensive video production agencies.

Video content is one of the most effective tools for driving engagement and conversions. Video ads are a great way for ecommerce businesses to capture consumer attention, stand out from your competition, and generate sales. Good news: start-to-finish video marketing is now within reach for even the smallest ecommerce brands.

Vocal Video's asynchronous video production platform enables you to create professional-looking video ads from user-generated content (UGC) or from your own team. Making videos with Vocal Video is quick, easy, and affordable. Forget the hassle of finding and coordinating with a video production team. We'll give you all the tools and guidance you need to produce beautiful video ads that get noticed and increase conversions for your store.

In this article, we’ll show you:

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5 Examples of Ecommerce Video Ads Created with Vocal Video

Example 1: Majka

Majka makes lactation cookies and protein powders for recent moms. Their video ads and video testimonials of real mothers who were impressed with the results of taking Majka's health products, including hair restoration supplements and supplements to boost breast-milk production.

Example 2: Prepared4X

Prepared4X is a retailer of high quality outdoors and survival equipment. As part of its marketing strategy, it records product ads to highlight the specific, inventive features of its survival tools. The ads and testimonials feature genuine buyers showing their enthusiasm for Prepared4X's products, specifically product demos and how-to videos about their survival torch.

Example 3: Legendary Aussie

Australian beard and hair care products company Legendary Aussie makes use of video advertisements and video testimonials to show potential customers how happy past customers are with their purchases.

Example 4: Hip Hook

This ecommerce video review of Hip Hook, a product designed to release tightness in the hips, focuses on the specific features of the product that make it effective. Hip Hook also creates demo videos to show potential customers how the product works.

Example 5: Sleep Test

Sleep Test, a company providing home sleep analysis kits, uses video reviews from satisfied customers on its eCommerce store to build trust with potential customers, and displays them in a carousel format. Each customer video includes a relatable customer story focusing on how easy the product is to use and how it has improved the customer’s sleep cycle by pinpointing a specific sleep problem.

For further inspiration, see more customer video testimonial examples.

How Vocal Video Solves the Challenges of Recording Video Ads the Traditional Way

Traditionally, video advertisements are highly-polished and extremely expensive to create. Using this system, you would usually hire a video production agency or a videographer and a professional video editor which could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. While this process has proven to be effective in creating great-looking video ads that build brand awareness and convert customers, their cost means that, even if you have a healthy digital marketing budget, you may only be able to produce one or two ads in this way. These costly videos also usually have lead times of weeks, rather than hours or days, which means you have to plan far ahead for your video ad campaigns.

In contrast, Vocal Video has been specifically designed to make the process of recording and collecting product video testimonials easy for everyone — both marketers and users — while still providing professional-quality video results. You can produce as many video ads as you need, whenever you need them, and create them in response to changing market conditions. All at a fraction of the price of hiring a video production team.

You can easily record and edit effective testimonial videos whenever you want, and then embed those videos anywhere — whether that’s on product pages, landing pages, your homepage, across your online store, or on all your social media platforms.

Use Vocal Video to Record Your Own Video Commercials

Here’s how our recording and collection process works:

Ecommerce Customers Record a Video Ad Asynchronously

To get your eCommerce customers to record a video ad on your behalf using Vocal Video, you start by simply creating a video collector for each e-Commerce product you want a video ad for.

Vocal Video offers templates to make the process of setting up your video collector even easier. We have 45+ Video Templates for: Customers & Clients, Employees, Experts & Influencers, Partners & Investors, Education, Events, Medical, and Nonprofits.

Video testimonial templates in Vocal Video.

Click here to see a range of templates for different use cases to make the video recording process completely hassle-free.

The video collector is an easy-to-build interface that guides your customers through recording a video step-by-step. They use the camera and mic on their own device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). They don’t need to download any new software or sign up for a service to start recording, and we’ll never ask them to do that, because we want to keep recording response rates high for you. They just access the link you send and click to start recording their video ad on your Vocal Video landing page.

Respondents can record videos on mobile phones, tablets and desktop.

You can ask the customers featured in your video between three and five questions. They can watch each of their responses back, and choose to record again if they aren't satisfied. When they finish answering each question in a short video and are happy with the results, they submit their complete video ad to you. It will be delivered in just a few minutes. The whole procedure is straightforward, requires no tutorials or explainer videos, and takes around 10 minutes to complete.

We Automatically Edit Your Video Ad (but You Can Also Edit It Yourself)

Vocal Video automatically edits all the videos your customers record. This saves you the time and trouble of doing it yourself, as well as the potential cost of hiring a professional video editor. Our automatic edits include:

  • Adding your logo, colors, and branding across the video.
  • Including your user’s name, title, and company in text overlays and intro slides.
  • Introducing text slides of the questions you asked.
  • Animated video transitions between ‘scenes’.
  • Playing background music (which you can alter or remove).
  • Concluding with a call-to-action.
  • A computer transcription of the audio and automatic captions. (You can remove captions, but these are great for accessibility and SEO.)

Every video reaches you looking good enough to publish immediately, so you don’t need to edit it yourself, unless you choose to do that. You can add these automatically edited videos to your website, online store, product pages, and across your online channels using Vocal Video’s automatically generated embed codes and share link functionality.

If you’d like to make any additional changes to your video ad, you can use Vocal Video’s easy-to-use suite of video editing tools.

Vocal Video's in-platform editing tools let you:

  • Trim scenes and answers to questions using a drag and drop tool.
  • Alter the order of each scene in the video.
  • Change logos, colors, branding, and background music.
  • Modulate the volume of music throughout the video testimonial.
  • Replace and edit text overlays and text slides.
  • Edit automatic captions, or add subtitles in another language.
  • Create highlight reels by stitching together several customer videos.
  • And more…
Example of editing videos by scene (image shows all scenes at once).

Our video editing tools are designed for complete beginners to use, even if they have no previous experience with editing videos. However, there is no compromise on quality, as you can make professional-level changes with our simple drag-and-drop system.

Example of trimming a video scene (image shows one scene only).

For more information on how to use Vocal Video’s editing tools, see our article: Testimonial Video Editing Made Easy.

Upload Your Videos to Different Ad Platforms

Vocal Video’s free plan includes easy video sharing tools for getting your ads on popular social platforms, and all paid plans include video downloads so you can upload them on specific platforms for paid ads.

Each social media platform requires a specific type of video format and size to work best. With Vocal Video, you can easily collect new videos and create different versions of that video, with unique dimensions optimized for each social channel.

Kayla describing how Vocal Video is user friendly and diverse.

Read more information on how to download Vocal Videos to use on different platforms.

Our customers also connect Vocal Video to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and thousands of other platforms using our Zapier integration.

Using the Vocal Video Zapier integration, you can set up Zapier to automatically embed video ads on websites based on the “triggers and actions” you set up. This is particularly useful if you want to advertise a large range of products. By making the process automatic, you can quickly post your videos as they are created.

Example Zapier connection that lets you create "if/then" scenarios without code.

Vocal Video’s Zapier integration is provided with our Team, Pro, and Enterprise Vocal Video subscriptions. If your subscription includes Zapier integration, you will find your API key on your Vocal Video profile page. You simply copy it for use in Zapier.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of maximizing the ROI of your own video ads, or are finding working with agencies and consultants too expensive, check out our partnership with Otis AI and claim $250 in ad credit.

Vocal Video: An Easy Way to Create eCommerce Product Video Ads

Vocal Video makes it easy and inexpensive to collect, record, edit, share, and embed as many video ads as you need for your eCommerce brand. Using our asynchronous video recording platform, you can record high-quality video ads, and many other types of videos, to attract more potential customers to buy your products.

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