How to Enlist Your Best Customers to Sell for You

This guide is a comprehensive resource of everything you need to know about customer testimonials.   No doubt you already understand that customer stories are one of the most powerful ways to convert prospective customers into buyers.   We’re going to dig deep on exactly how to collect, create, and use killer customer testimonials to drive incredible business results.

The best brands in the world employ this strategy across all marketing channels, from Slack’s customer stories page which highlights video, narrative case studies, and short quotes across the wide breadth of their customer base, to Glossier’s “In Real Life” showcase, drawing from Instagram posts from their customers, to Shopify’s enterprise ecommerce page relying on logos & quotes to boost conversion. B2B and B2C brands see dramatic results when they use customer testimonials as tools to improve sales, lead generation, customer engagement, advertising results, and much more.

These stand-out businesses make their customers the superstars of their marketing.   They let their customers advocate and sell for them.   And it works, while building ever greater trust in their brands, boosting conversion rates, and attracting more potential buyers.  

Read on to learn how you can fuel the impact of your marketing by relying on your customers to tell their stories.  

We’ve organized this guide around 8 major topics, so feel free to jump around to any section that immediately interests you.

About the author: Steve Norall has 20+ years as an entrepreneur, marketing and product leader.   With roles at Microsoft, Oracle, and PolyServe (acquired by HP in 2007), and SurveyMonkey, Steve saw first-hand how difficult it could be for companies to connect with their audience through credible marketing, and just how powerful customers stories could be.   This concept led Steve to co-found TechValidate (acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2015), a platform that easily enables hundreds of marketing teams to automate the collection and creation of case studies and other customer proof points.   With Vocal Video, the original TechValidate team is back to solve the modern challenge of creating professional video testimonials for marketing teams and small businesses, without the traditional time and expense.