How to Use Vocal Video as a User Generated Video Platform and Get UGC When You Need It

Use Vocal Video as a user generated video platform to collect, edit, and display user generated video content for your marketing campaigns.

User generated content (UGC), particularly video, is highly sought after by marketers because it is the pinnacle of authenticity. There’s nothing like UGC to build trust, while boosting your credibility and sales.

But the challenge with UGC is that it’s hard to get — customers rarely create this kind of content on a schedule.

So, designing a marketing strategy around user generated video content can be hit and miss because you never know exactly when you’ll have the video content you need.

Then, when video content is available, there’s no guarantee that it will be high quality or touch on the points that are most valuable to your brand and content marketing strategy.

Even when you do have great visual content, like a video product review created by an influencer, for example, you still have to track it down by searching through hashtags or keywords.

Then, you have to wrangle it into one (or more) aesthetically pleasing galleries or other display unit on your site so other customers can see it.

We built Vocal Video to solve these exact problems and help brands capture high-quality user generated content regularly and effortlessly.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use Vocal Video to:

  • Collect more user generated video content whenever you need it.
  • Edit and polish the videos so they stay 100% true to your brand (while maintaining authenticity).
  • Display all of your videos in a gallery on your site with simple copy-paste embed code that can easily be shared on social media platforms.

Plus, we’ll show you how the process of creating these videos can be automated using a UGC platform so you can collect more videos from your users at scale in a way that is:

  • Repeatable
  • Consistent
  • Quality-driven
  • Frictionless
  • Straightforward to share on all your social channels

If you want to consistently and reliably collect user-generated video content from your customers in a simple and cost-effective way try Vocal Video for free.

How to Collect More User-Generated Video Content Regularly

Traditionally, collecting user generated videos for marketing campaigns meant:

  • Waiting for your users to create it themselves and post on social networks.
  • Sending products to influencers and hoping they create video product reviews.
  • Manually shooting the video content with a customer’s help, using a film crew and organizing in-person interviews in real time.

These options are either slow and expensive, or unreliable.

We created Vocal Video to solve the problems of traditional video, and to help you capture user-generated video content in a reliable, scalable manner.

Vocal Video makes it effortless for customers to collect videos remotely, and asynchronously, using their computer or mobile device in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

It’s also super easy for marketers to set up.

First, you create what we call a “Video Collector,” which guides your users through the steps of recording their user-generated video.

Vocal Video's user generated video platform makes video collection simple.

For a full rundown of how the collector works, check out this article on how to collect video reviews.

But here’s a quick overview:

  • Enter the questions you’d like to ask (or pick a series of questions from our 33 proven templates. We developed these after a decade of experience with video testimonials, so you can be confident that they’ll work).
  • Set up an incentive, if applicable, to encourage users to record a video for you, like a giveaway, a prize draw, or a charitable donation, for example.
  • Set up an introductory message or video for the video capture process (or use the templates we provide).
  • Choose your brand colors and logo to be used in the collector and final video (more on this in the next section).
  • Copy the link that you can send directly to your users to access the video collector.

The Video Collector takes all the hard work out of creating a video by automating the entire video capture process.

Plus, your users are more likely to respond to your request for video reviews because the process is so easy.

They don’t need to download anything, don’t have to think about what they’re going to say in the video, aren’t required to edit the videos themselves (but they can re-record anything they’re not happy with), and the collector works in any browser and on any device.

Easily Edit and Polish Videos to Keep Them True to Your Brand Message (While Remaining Authentic)

Once a user has recorded their responses to your Video Collector questions, you receive an email letting you know it’s ready to be reviewed.

When you receive the video, it will already have a series of edits pre-applied based on:

  • The questions you asked.
  • Your brand’s logos and colors.
  • The content you received.

You just have to upload your logo and define your brand colors once within the collector settings, and it will automatically apply it to every video along with music, interstitial graphics, and more.

The only edits you have to do are trimming out unwanted dead spaces or off-brand comments from each video. But this process is easy and takes less than five minutes.

Trim video scene: Trim your video scene by editing the start and stop points of this video clip.

However, many of our customers like the pre-edited videos so much, they don’t need to edit much at all.

So chances are, you could just use the video as it arrives in your inbox and you’d already be ahead of what most brands are doing.

Here’s one example of a customer review video that was created automatically in Vocal Video without any manual editing:

Learn more about the Vocal Video editing process here.

Use User-Generated Video Content in All Your Marketing Campaigns and Social Channels

You can then use these videos in all of your marketing campaigns by:

  • Using the copy-paste embed code to display them on your website in single-video or gallery format:
Examples of testimonial videos embedded on customer sites.
  • Sharing the videos on social media with one click from your account:
Gideon Math and Reading with another great customer testimonial.

For more about sharing and embedding UGC videos created using Vocal Video, see this Knowledge Base article.

Get Proactive About UGC: Create the Best Video Content at Scale Using Vocal Video

You don’t have to wait around for users or content creators to make videos and social content about your brand, instead, you can roll out a scalable process for recording UGC videos whenever your marketing campaigns need them.

You can be regularly gathering on-message content by regularly sending a link to your best customer on an ongoing basis.

Vocal Video’s seamless user-generated video content creation process means you can collect as many authentic and unscripted user-generated videos as needed — regularly and repeatedly.

If you want to start consistently and reliably collecting user-generated video content from your customers in a simple and cost-effective way, try Vocal Video for free.

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