How to create a Vocal Video Collector

Check out our 5 minute guide to building a Vocal Video Collector in a few minutes.

[00:00:00] I'm going to show you how you can set up a Vocal Video Collector to capture authentic video testimonials from your customers, employees, or experts in just a couple of minutes. A collector is a landing page with a link that you can email to anyone you want to capture video testimonials from.

The first thing you'll do is log into your Vocal Video account and click new collector. This is going to take you to a whole library of templates that you can browse through and take a look at some of the sample questions. Once you choose one of these templates, they're going to have example email, copy, and landing page copy as well.

We'll choose the Customer Testimonials template. Vocal Video will build you a checklist to customize your template and make it perfectly suited to your audience. Once you're done, you can send your collector to one person or to hundreds or even thousands of people. You'll see a preview of your collector, so you [00:01:00] can tell exactly how the changes will be reflected in your collector. We'll first go into the branding. This will pull from your account settings that you've set right when you got started. You'll have your logo make sure that your background, color and accent colors look good.

These settings will apply to all of the other collectors which is just a good thing to keep in mind.

Let's go on to the Welcome page. There's a lot of things in this welcome page. The first is your collector title. This is what shows over here on the right. This is your publicly facing title. You want to make sure that this is relevant to the audience that you're sending this out to. If you'd like to customize your internal title, this can be useful for keeping track of multiple collectors that you're sending out to different groups.

It's useful to have a spokesperson here to help personalize the experience and you can also update that welcome video text here. These dynamic variables, pull from your account [00:02:00] settings.

And you can check out the other options we have to pull from the information you already have in your account.

A welcome video can be great for helping to personalize this experience as well. I do recommend keeping these short and sweet no more than 15 or 20 seconds.

And then let's get into the incentives. We will enter your subjects into a prize drawing that we administer across all of the respondents from all of our customers every month, where we send out a hundred dollars to 5 winners. And I do recommend considering different incentives that are relevant to your audience, particularly if this is a larger send.

This can really help boost response rates if you don't already have a very strong relationship with your subjects. Once those are set up, we'll get into the questions themselves. Because this is a template we've recommended three questions here. You can customize these. You can add up to five questions.

You'll see over here on the right how small that mobile phone screen is that your [00:03:00] subjects might be using. We do recommend keeping these very short and we have some tips and tricks here that you can check out. You'll be able to ask up to five questions and your respondent will have up to five minutes to answer each question.

On the attribution page we'll ask for name and email. We do require that these are asked so that we can always have the options to take down a video if your subject asks us to. And then you have the option to ask for job title and company name. With our professional and enterprise editions you can also attach a custom video release that would have a toggle down here at the bottom for your customer to agree to.

If you do want to remove this call out, our professional and enterprise editions have that option.

Let’s go ahead and test out our links. This is the actual live link that your customer would receive. This is what it would look like on their desktop, and they go ahead and click on the video. And you can see here, there'll be able to see themselves [00:04:00] record a video. Once they've recorded, they'll have the option to view that video and then redo it if they don't like it.

Once they submit their answer to this question, they'll move on to the next question.

I want to point out how you can create personalized links. Say, you're working with a marketing automation system. You already have your customer's name and email. You probably have their job title and you can create personalized links to automatically fill in that information on the final attribution page.

And then it's always a good idea to check this last box for more settings, you can choose to turn off the ability to collect audio responses.  You can actually capture subtitles and we can automatically transcribe your speakers text into any of these languages.

Now, it's time to actually get some responses. And it's just as easy as copying this link, and dropping it into an email, onto a landing page, or into your social media [00:05:00] accounts.

All right. We're so excited to see the videos that you're able to collect with Vocal Video.

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