How to create a Vocal Video Collector


Check out our 4.5-minute guide to building a Vocal Video Collector in a few minutes.


A Collector is a landing page with a link that you can email or text to your customers for really seamless video collection. And we have a really simple process for getting it set up. So go ahead and click New Collector. And then that takes you to a library of templates that we've worked on.

These have tested question examples you can use, email copy and some intro page, copy. We'll actually create the Collector for you and we have a whole checklist to go through to customize it. At any moment, you'll be able to preview what your customers would see when they got this Collector.

You can also test your live Collector out any time. So let's go ahead and take a look at branding. So this will be the colors and the logos that appear on your Collector. You can set those here. And I just wanted to point out that you can also set up the colors for your and logos in your account as a whole.

This would mean that  any Collectors or video drafts going forward would actually have all of those colors and logos.

The welcome page has some really nice ways that you can personalize this for the audience you're going out to. You'll want to make sure that that title will resonate with your subjects. Having a spokesperson from your company is a good way to connect with folks as well.

Your picture will automatically populate from your profile picture. You can make any edits you'd like to that. You can see that we use these dynamic variables. That pull from your account and you can use those at any point during your Collector setup.

The welcome video is a really nice way to personalize this. You can just record a really short greeting and thank you and explanation about what's going on. Really try to keep these to less than 15 seconds. the incentives have really boosted response rates.

So we'd recommend including a giveaway in  addition to the hundred dollars prize drawing that we do each month. Finally, you want to make sure that there's a way for your subjects to reach out to you. If you have any questions and you can do that right here.

Okay, let's continue on to the questions.

Here's where you can customize those questions to your subjects. And we do have some tips and tricks in the link here.

Moving on to the attribution page. This is really important for collecting the name, job title. If it's relevant company name. And the email that you can use. So say you were sharing your Collector on social media and you needed an email to follow up with these folks in sort of just a great way to capture it.

Finally the thank you page, just a chance to say thank you to your awesome subjects. And you can customize that here as well.

Now you're ready to actually go out and collect the responses. Here's the link that you can edit for sharing, whether it's by email, text message, social channels, anywhere that you can send a URL.

We've also created a sample invitation message so that when you send these out, you can just copy and paste this into an email. And we actually include the link right there so it's ready to go.

Finally, if you do want to send an email campaign with personalized URLs to skip that step where folks have to enter their  name and job title, just let us know. We can help you out with the parameters there. .  Now it's time to test and share your Collectors.

Most of our customers will at least want to take a look at the live Collector before they send it out. And you can do that just by clicking this button.

This will take you to the actual live Collector. You can see that this one's got an intro message from our CEO, Steve. And when I hit continue and then open our video Collector, this is where your customers will actually record their responses. So I'm recording now when they hit stop, this is when they'll have the chance to either use this video or redo it if they don't like it.

So it's tested, it's ready for prime time, which means sharing that Collector. When you click that share button,  that just takes you to the URL. Then we have a link to that email copy here to make it really easy to send these out.

So now you've seen exactly how you can spin up one of these Collectors and get it out in just a couple of minutes.

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