Video releases / waivers

Permission to use videos from respondents.


When your respondent records a video with your Vocal Video Collector, the consent to use the video is embedded in our terms of use, and the respondent effectively gives a video release and consent by the act of uploading/recording their videos. That consent and redistribution rights transfers to you as the customer. It is no different than someone uploading user generated content to a social media site. We also provide some details for your customers in the "Have questions?" link on your Video Collectors.

That said, we've heard from a few other customers it would be useful to have customizable video releases for customers in the Video Collector experience, and  have included that on the near-term product roadmap. In the meantime, customers can always email their standard video release to the customer outside the Vocal Video flow, once they've determined they want to use that respondent's video publicly.

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