34 Proven Customer Testimonial Questions for Great Responses

We provide a list of 38 proven customer testimonial questions for a variety of use cases to help you get the best responses from your customers.

To get the best customer testimonials, you need to ask the right testimonial questions. These questions generate insightful answers that will resonate with your prospective customers. When you get it right, you can collect highly valuable customer testimonials that provide needed social proof to drive sales and conversions.

At Vocal Video, we provide a range of testimonial templates for every specific use case — including three suggested customer testimonial questions. These questions can be used to collect both authentic video testimonials and written testimonials via our unique, asynchronous video recording process.

In this article, we’ll give you a list of 34 questions included in Vocal Video's customer testimonial templates proven to get great responses from your customers. To see those questions now, you can jump straight to our customer testimonial question list.

But first, we'll discuss:

Vocal Video provides users with a hassle-free process to ask for, collect, and record video testimonials from your customers. Each video comes with a transcript you can also use to quickly produce written testimonials. To get started collecting your customer testimonials now, sign up for a free account.

Ask Well-Designed Questions to Get the Best Testimonials

The better the information your customer provides in their testimonial, the more useful it will be to your business as a marketing tool. To unlock the powerful social proof that testimonials provide, it's important that customers sound authentic, engaging, and relatable.

However, giving your customers free reign to simply talk about their experience with your brand — without the guidance that good questions can provide — can lead to:

  1. Some customers feeling overwhelmed about what they should say in a testimonial, thus reducing the number of responses you get.
  2. Customers providing too much information, or entirely irrelevant testimonials, which won't be useful for marketing purposes.

To ensure neither of these things happen, it's important to carefully consider the questions you ask in a customer testimonial. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your customer testimonials:

  • Provide your questions in advance, so your customers can consider what they are going to say before committing their answers to writing or video.
  • Ask open-ended, simple questions that allow customers to give an authentic response that is specific to their experience.
  • Ask questions that relate directly to your product or service. This will help ensure that you get relevant feedback that is useful for marketing purposes.
  • Avoid asking overly complicated, double-ended questions.
  • Try to keep questions concise and easy to understand.
  • Make sure to thank respondents for their time and feedback. This courtesy will be appreciated and may encourage customers to participate in future surveys or testimonials.

Who you choose to ask these questions is also important. Send them to people you consider to be great customers. For example, you might want to ask for customer feedback from repeat customers or new customers who report high customer satisfaction.

How to Use Vocal Video's 45+ Templates to Collect Customer Testimonials

If you're looking for a way to collect customer or client testimonials, using one of Vocal Video's 45+ video templates is a great option. All you need to do is send a link to your current customers. They can record their testimonial on their own device and send it back to you.

There are a number of different ways you can use these customer testimonial videos. You can post them on your website or social media pages, or use them in marketing materials such as email campaigns or landing pages.

Here's one example of a customer testimonial recorded with Vocal Video:

To get started recording your own customer testimonial videos, simply choose the template that best fits your needs, adapt the video testimonial questions if necessary, and send it out to your customers. There is no need to set up a customer testimonial interview in real-time. Vocal Video takes care of every aspect of the recording by guiding customers through the process step-by-step.

Once you have the finished videos, you can start putting them to use right away.

Here's how our recording process works:

Guide Customers Through Testimonial Recording with Our Video Collectors

Each Vocal Video template gives you the option to set up a Video Collector for your respondents to record their testimonial on your landing page within our platform. To begin collecting videos, send the customer a clickable link that leads them directly to the landing page. We provide email templates for you to request the testimonial, along with a follow-up message for those who don’t respond.

To personalize your testimonial collection landing page, you’ll use the Video Collector Builder. The builder prompts you to add all needed elements to record and collect these video testimonials, as shown in the image below.

Welcome page on collector editor.

Each Video Collector Builder prompts you to add:

  • A title to identify the video collector.
  • The name of the person responsible for collecting the testimonials.
  • A welcome message or optional welcome video.
  • Incentives for customers to record a video. (These are optional, but you can add your own or opt for Vocal Video’s monthly cash prize drawing.)

The Video Collector builder shows you what the recorded testimonial will look like as each element is added, giving you a clear view of the customer's experience during the recording.

Our templates provide you with proposed questions for each use case, which can be adjusted to your requirements or used as they are. Based on our experience, the ideal number of questions is three, but you can ask up to five questions.

Adding and editing questions in the collector editor.
Read more: How to set up a Video Collector

After you set up your collector, Vocal Video generates a link that you can share with your existing customers to record short video testimonials. Clicking the link leads to a landing page in the Vocal Video platform that reflects your brand. They don't have to register for or install any applications or software to produce a video testimonial for you. The process simply involves following the steps in the Video Collector and answering your questions one by one while recording.

Customers can play back each recorded answer and have the option to record an answer to the previous question again if they don’t like the result. Once the customer is satisfied with their footage, they click on the submit button and send it over to you.

Vocal Video's Testimonials are Pre-Edited for Faster and Better Results

The video testimonials you receive from your customers are automatically edited to a professional standard and ready to show potential clients. The automatic editing process incorporates the elements you specified according to the chosen testimonial template:

  • Your brand's colors and logos
  • Text overlays including customer names and titles
  • Transitions between recorded answers
  • Motion graphics
  • Default background music
  • Automatically-generated captions and a full transcript
  • A call-to-action at the end of the video

Vocal Video gives you the option to use the video testimonial in its original form or to make further changes using our built-in video editing tools. You don't need to transfer the video to external editing software or hire a professional editor. Our platform includes a comprehensive range of video editing tools that are user-friendly and can be learned very quickly, even by novices.

Further Enhance Your Testimonials with Vocal Video's Suite of Editing Tools

If any further editing is desired, Vocal Video’s built-in editing tools allow you to easily make updates. All of our video editing tools are based on an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system, which lets you:

  • Trim each scene in the customer testimonial.
  • Change the order of the recorded responses.
  • Replace text overlays and slides.
  • Alter your brand colors and logos.
  • Correct AI-generated captions.
  • Add new background music (we give you access to a library of royalty-free tunes).
  • Include additional video footage.
  • Create highlight reels featuring multiple testimonial videos.
Read more: How to edit video testimonials with Vocal Video

Collect Both Video Testimonials & Written Testimonials with Vocal Video

With Vocal Video, you get both video testimonials and a written transcript of what your customers say about your product/service. This transcript can serve as a foundation for more written or quote testimonials.

Copy and paste text in each transcript to showcase written and quote testimonials on your website or other platforms. Use video and quote testimonials together to motivate potential customers to watch.

One of our favorite features is our set of gallery tools such as carousels, sliders, cards, and more to display video and quote testimonials to future customers in a creative way.

Here’s one example of how that can look:

"You can't beat authenticity when you're trying to capture the voice of your customers." - Alexri Patel
Read more: Creating video galleries, carousels, grids, and cards using Vocal Video

Combining our transcripts and video testimonials also makes for a great testimonial case study page.

34 of Vocal Video's Proven Customer Testimonial Questions

If you're looking for powerful testimonial questions that will help you get the best responses and speed up your testimonial collection process, the suggested questions included in each of Vocal Video's 45+ templates are a great resource.

Among them, we offer 14 templates specifically designed to collect customer and client testimonials. designed Each of these templates provides up to three suggested questions that can be used to gather customer reviews and feedback.

Our template questions have been used thousands of times and are proven to elicit great responses. However, you can adapt them for your specific situation, or come up with your own questions, if you prefer. Encourage your customers to talk about their pain points and discuss specific features of your product or service that helped them.

For further guidance on how to design effective testimonial questions, see our in-depth article on sample questions for video testimonials.

Below, we've listed 34 of our customer testimonial questions, along with links to each Vocal Video template, so you can get started collecting your testimonials whenever you want.

Customer Testimonial Questions

  • Could you describe a time that [your organization name] helped you?
  • How would you describe [your organization name] in three words?
  • Why is [your organization name] different from other similar products or services?
Click here to start using our Customer Testimonial videos template.

Customer Award Questions

  • How does it feel to be a [your organization name] awards winner?
  • Could you share a few details about the challenge you solved with [your organization name]?
  • What advice would you give to other [your organization name] customers?
Click here to start using our Customer Award video template.

eCommerce Testimonial Questions

  • Could you describe why you purchased our product?
  • What has been your experience with our product so far?
  • Could you describe your overall experience with [your organization name]?
Click here to start using our eCommerce Testimonial video template.

B2B Case Study Questions

  • What problem was your company dealing with before [your organization name]?
  • How did [your organization name] help resolve this challenge?
  • What results did you get with [your organization name]?
Click here to start using our B2B Case Study video template.

Professional Services Testimonial Questions

  • Introduce yourself and describe how [your organization name] recently helped you or your business.
  • How did [your organization name] go above and beyond for you?
  • How does [your organization name] compare to other similar services you've used?
Click here using our Professional Services video template.

Real Estate Testimonial Questions

  • Why did you choose [your organization name] to help buy or sell your home?
  • What challenges did you run into that [your organization name] helped you sort out?
  • Why would you recommend working with [your organization name] to buy or sell a home?
Click here to start using our Real Estate Testimonial video template.

B2B SaaS Testimonial Questions

  • Could you describe a time that [your organization name] helped you?
  • How would you describe [your organization name] in three words?
  • What's the best thing about [your organization name] that makes it unique?
Click here to start using our B2B SaaS Testimonial video template.

Services Testimonial Questions

  • Could you describe your experience working with [your organization name]?
  • How would you describe [your organization name] in three words?
  • What makes [your organization name] stand out against the competition?
Click here to start using our Services Testimonial video template.

B2B Review Questions

  • Out of 5 stars, how would you rate [your organization name]?
  • How has [your organization name] addressed a challenge your company had before?
  • What has been the main impact of using your [your organization name] product?
Click here to start using our B2B Review video template.

eCommerce Review Questions

  • Out of 5 stars, how would you rate [your organization name]?
  • What has been your experience with our product so far?
  • Could you describe your overall experience with [your organization name]?
Click here to start using our eCommerce Review video template.

In-store Purchase Experience Questions

  • What was one of the benefits of working with a team member at [your organization name]?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with [your organization name]?
Click here to start using our In-store Purchase Experience video template.

Video Survey Questions

  • How would this new feature from [your organization name] impact your business?
  • What kinds of things would you like to see in new offerings from [your organization name]?
  • How likely are you to recommend [your organization name] to a friend?
Click here to start using our Video Survey video template.

B2B Service Review Questions

  • What was the main challenge you needed to overcome with [your organization name]?
  • Could you describe a time that [your organization name] helped your business, including any metrics that come to mind?
  • What has been the most significant impact of working with [your organization name]?
Click here to start using our B2B Service Review video template.

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