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45+ Testimonial Templates to Request and Collect Testimonials in Minutes

Use our 45+ testimonial templates to request, design questions for, and harness the power of customer testimonials for your business.

Testimonials are powerful social proof for your business and a proven way to increase conversions. But they can be expensive and time-consuming to create — if you start from scratch every time.

Learning what needs to be included, actually getting customers to provide testimonials, and then using a designer to put them in a format that you can use in your marketing takes quite a bit of time.

However, templates make it quick and easy to create testimonials by providing you with a pre-built framework to follow. They prompt your respondents to add information and provide you with a foolproof way of getting great looking testimonials.

The most common type of testimonial is written, and you can find these and shorter quote testimonials all over the internet. But video testimonials can be much more effective at attracting prospective customers because they can see and hear a real person speaking about the positives of a product/service, which makes the testimonial more trustworthy and believable. This makes a video testimonial similar to a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Traditionally, organizations and small businesses have avoided using video because of the cost of producing it, and the hassle of the production process. However, at Vocal Video, we’ve created an easy way to collect professional video testimonials from customers.

While most templates might give you places to load information into a framework, they usually stop short at that. These templates give little guidance on what type of information to include, how to gather the best information from respondents, or advice on how to ask for testimonials.

Vocal Video’s testimonial templates have been designed to cover all these needs. Our templates are designed to ask for, collect, record, and pre-edit video testimonials in just a few steps. Our templates give you:

  1. Outreach email templates to ask customers for testimonials.
  2. Templates of questions to ask to get valuable responses.
  3. Video layout and graphics templates so all your video testimonials look standardized and on-brand.

Along with getting a professionally-styled video testimonial, you can also use our automatic transcripts to create written or quote testimonials and use our gallery builder to beautifully display video collections online.

In this article, we’ll show you how to access Vocal Video’s 45+ testimonial templates, covering a range of use cases, and guide you on how to use them to:

  • Ask your customers for testimonials and get several responses.
  • Record video testimonials asynchronously using our Video Collector process.
  • Customize graphics, colors, text, logos and branding, so every testimonial is branded to your organization.
  • Receive professionally-styled testimonial videos in your inbox.
  • Put together both video and written testimonials using the same process, with no additional effort.

Vocal Video’s platform gives you everything you need to ask for, record, collect, edit, share, and host high-quality customer testimonial videos. Set up a free Vocal Video account to try out the platform yourself.

Use a Template to Get Great Looking Testimonials in a Few Easy Steps

With Vocal Video, you get 45+ video testimonial templates to easily start creating testimonials to attract new customers to your product/service. It takes less than five minutes to set up what we call a “Video Collector” that will guide your customers to record a great testimonial for you.

The whole recording process is asynchronous, so it frees both you and your testimonial provider to set up the process and record the video on your own schedules. You don’t need to arrange a time or place to record because it can be done on the customer’s own device and on their own time. You send them a link to a landing page where they click record and answer a set of questions you’ve already set up.

When they are done recording the video, you receive an attractive and well-polished customer review video, like the one below:

You can see how the video above already includes a variety of elements to make it easier to watch. These elements are automatically inserted by Vocal Video — you don’t need to add them yourself. They include:

  • An intro screen
  • Name and title graphics
  • Interstitial graphics for each question
  • Your company logo, colors, and branding
  • Animated scene transitions between responses
  • Text overlays
  • Default background music
  • Automatic captions and a transcript (great for creating different types of testimonials, such as written and quote testimonials)

Here's how to use our templates to create similar testimonial videos for your own social proof marketing:

Choose One of Our 45+ Vocal Video Templates

Our testimonial templates are grouped into the following use cases:

Each category is then broken down further into sub-categories (to give you the widest selection possible). You simply pick the one that most closely matches your own use case to begin.

Video Testimonial Templates: Get the video testimonial questions, templates, and example emails you need to collect professional videos from customers, employees, and experts.

Vocal Video’s Templates Help You Ask for Customer Testimonials

Other testimonial video templates usually just give you a layout in which to insert video footage or text, or a range of testimonial examples that you can copy, but Vocal Video’s templates give you the tools you need to ask for testimonials.

Our email templates and video recording templates, combined with our easy video testimonial recording process, take the friction out of the entire process of requesting, recording, collecting, editing, and sharing video testimonials online and across your social media channels.

Every one of our 45+ testimonial templates provides you with a three-step email sequence to ask for testimonials from your customers. Our email texts are tried and tested on a wide range of target audiences, and have already been used to collect hundreds of customer testimonial videos.

Here’s what our email sequence looks like:

Email #1: Ask your customer if they will record a short video testimonial, explain how you plan to use testimonials in your marketing, and thank them in advance.

Email #1: The Pre-Ask

Email #2: Send a link to the Video Collector, details of how the recording process works, a list of the questions you will ask, and some tips to improve the recording.

Email #2: The Invitation

Email #3: The final message is a gentle reminder to the customers who haven’t responded to consider recording a video testimonial on your behalf, and sending them the recording link again.

Email #3: The Reminder

When you have a clear email template that’s ready to go for every stage of the request process, it’s much easier to send out requests, follow up, and remind your loyal customers to send you a testimonial. This improves response rates to help you gather even more great testimonials to use across your marketing channels.

Use Our Video Collector Builder to Guide Customers to Record a Testimonial

Every template is linked to a Video Collector builder, which you use to put together the landing page where your respondents record their testimonial. To access that landing page you send the customer a link that they click on to start recording.

The Video Collector builder prompts you to customize the landing page for each type of video testimonial you want to record by adding all the elements you need to record and collect your testimonial, as shown in the image below.

Collector Editor: Welcome Page example

The Video Collector builder prompts you to add:

  • The title of the Video Collector.
  • Your spokesperson’s name.
  • A welcome message or optional welcome video.
  • Optional incentives in return for customers recording a video. (You can choose to add your own incentive or use Vocal Video’s $100 prize drawing).

As you add each element, the Video Collector builder updates itself to show you what the Video Collector will look like as your respondent records a testimonial, so you can get a clear idea of what your customer experiences as they record.

Each of our templates then asks you to customize the questions you want the respondents to answer. We give you three suggested questions for each use case and you can adapt them to your own needs, or just use them as they come. In our experience, asking three questions is the sweet spot (but you can ask up to five questions in each Video Collector).

Designing well-focused questions is the key to getting great responses and good testimonials from your users, which will attract new customers. Your questions should be designed to draw out specific details, valuable customer quotes, and relatable success stories. The more valuable the final testimonial video is, the more useful it will be to your business as a marketing tool.

Read our in-depth article for more information on how to design the best testimonial questions to tease out anecdotes and valuable information from your customers.

Collector Editor: Example questions for Video Collector

Read this article for more details on how to set up a Video Collector in just 5 minutes or less.

When your collector is set up, Vocal Video generates a link that you can send to your happy customers to record their short video testimonial. The link takes them to your fully-branded landing page within the Vocal Video platform. They don’t need to sign up for anything or download any apps or software to record a video review for you. They just follow the steps in the Video Collector, and press record to answer the questions you’ve set, one by one.

After recording each answer, they can play back the recording and get another chance to record, if they’d like to change anything. When they are happy with the video footage, the customer clicks to finish recording and the video is sent to you.

Receive an Automatically Edited Video in Your Inbox

The video testimonial your user has recorded is sent to you as a professionally polished video, with all the elements you added in the Video Collector builder automatically added. The video is automatically and seamlessly edited together so that you can use it right away.

Our automatic editing includes the following elements based on whichever testimonial template you selected:

  • Your business colors and logos.
  • Text overlays with names and titles.
  • Animated transitions between recorded answers.
  • Motion graphics.
  • Background music.
  • Automatically-generated captions and transcript.
  • A call-to-action to end the video.

Although you can use the video testimonial exactly as it arrived, Vocal Video also gives you tools to make additional changes to the footage yourself. You don’t need to export the video into third-party video editing software, or get a professional editor to make the changes for you. We provide you with a full suite of video editing tools built right into our platform, which are designed for a complete novice to master in just a few minutes.

Use Vocal Video’s In-Built Editing Tools to Polish Your Testimonials

Vocal Video’s editing tools let you add an extra level of quality to the video testimonials you receive from your happy customers.

Using a simple drag-and-drop system, it’s straightforward to:

  • Change the order of answers in the video.
  • Trim down each answer.
  • Replace text overlays and interstitial slides.
  • Alter colors and logos.
  • Edit AI-generated captions.
  • Add new background music (we have a library full of royalty-free tracks).
  • Insert additional video footage.
  • Create highlight reels of several testimonial videos.

Read this article to learn more about how to edit your video testimonials with Vocal Video’s built-in tools.

Use Vocal Video to Collect Video Testimonials, Case Studies, Written Testimonials and Quote Testimonials All at Once

When you use Vocal Video to collect and record video testimonials, you also receive an automatically-generated transcript of everything that your happy customer says about your product/service in the video. You can use this transcript as the basis for creating additional written testimonials or quote testimonials.

Simply copy and paste the portion of text you want to highlight and use it wherever you want to display a written or quote testimonial (on your website, for example). You can also combine video testimonials with quote testimonials as a way of encouraging potential customers to watch.

To display your video and quote testimonials more creatively, Vocal Video also gives you a range of gallery tools, including carousels, sliders, cards, and more.

Here’s how that can look:

Read this article to learn more about how to create video galleries, carousels, walls of love, and grid displays using Vocal Video.

Our transcripts, combined with a recorded video testimonial, are also a great basis for creating longer case studies (see the example in the image above), which you can link out to on a testimonials page, for example.

Read this article to learn how to get effective testimonials from your customers.

Vocal Video: Video Testimonials and More with Our 45+ Testimonial Templates

Vocal Video’s testimonial templates give you everything you need to request, collect, asynchronously record, and edit great video testimonials. Plus, you can use the automatic transcripts provided to create additional quote testimonials, written testimonials, and case studies for all your marketing needs.

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