Event Sponsor and Attendee Video Testimonial Templates

Easily create credible attendee and sponsor testimonial videos to improve registrations and sponsorship at your upcoming events.

Event marketers have long known that social proof can be very powerful for driving new event signups. Sponsor and event testimonial videos can de-risk the investment for companies and individuals looking to justify the cost of an event, and significantly improve conversion rates. 

We see attendee and sponsor videos regularly used on websites, blogs, social media, advertising campaigns and registration pages. You can easily link to your Video Collector in emails to attendees or sponsors to collect new videos.

Our event video templates include example questions and email copy are designed to make it incredibly easy for event producers to be able to collect, edit, and share video testimonials from their customers without any additional contractors or agencies. You’ll find example questions specifically designed for video testimonials from sponsors and attendees, as well as for award winners at your event.

Try the faster, easier way to create testimonial videos.

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