Nonprofit Video Templates

Rapidly create nonprofit videos from your beneficiaries, donors, and larger community.

Getting the word about the impact and mission of your nonprofit is critical to continue to deliver impact and meet fundraising goals. Yet many (if not most!) nonprofits struggle with adequate resources to invest in marketing. Nonprofit videos can be some of the powerful ways for a nonprofit to communicate their message, and give their audience the chance to hear directly from beneficiaries on how donations have benefited lives or donors on why they have chosen to support your organization. 

Nonprofits use these videos on websites, blogs, social media, email newsletters, and virtual events. Nonprofit video stories can be easily collected by emailing Video Collectors to your donors and beneficiaries.

Our testimonial templates include example questions and email copy and are designed to make it incredibly easy for nonprofits of all sizes to collect, edit, and publish nonprofit videos.

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