Thought Leadership Video Templates

Create highly engaging testimonial videos from experts in your industry to use in thought leadership initiatives.

Expert video testimonials videos can feature any kind of subject matter expert in your community: analysts, bloggers, influencers, employees, customers or partners all can be a terrific source of insights. 

These videos are then primarily used to drive thought leadership content, which is widely regarded by content marketing experts as the best way to draw in prospective buyers at the top of the funnel. The theory goes that the largest audience you can reach are the folks that are still familiarizing themselves with your industry, and the problem that they’re trying to solve. If your business can provide high-quality education content, including video, that helps prospects early on, they’ll be more likely to choose your product or service when they’re ready to make a purchase. 

Expert video testimonials and our automatically created video transcripts can be embedded on blogs and websites, shared on social media or email and can even find their way into advertising campaigns. You easily email our Video Collectors to your subject matter experts to capture their feedback. Our testimonial templates include example questions and email copy and are designed to make it incredibly easy for companies large and small to be able to collect, edit and share new expert testimonial videos.

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