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Example questions and a template for creating thought leadership videos from analysts and other industry experts.


Why create analyst videos?

Thought leadership content is a favorite amongst content marketing experts to draw in prospective buyers at the top of the funnel. The theory goes that the largest audience you can reach are the folks that are still familiarizing themselves with your industry, and the problem that they’re trying to solve. If your business can provide high-quality education content, including video, that helps prospects early on, they’ll be more likely to choose your product or service when they’re ready to make a purchase. Thought leadership videos can feature experts in your industry, employees, customers or partners. The key thing is that your video subject has deep expertise in the topic they’ll be speaking about. We’ve seen thought leadership videos shared on blogs, websites, social media, email and advertising campaigns.
Do you want to start remotely collecting and publishing analyst insights videos without the time & expense of a camera crew or video editors? Then this analyst insights video template will be perfect for you.

What's in the template

We developed this video collector template to be a complete, easy-to-use solution for your respondents to record and upload video testimonials for your organization from any device.

We provide a delightful interface that matches your brand and works seamlessly on Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, and tablets. There's nothing for you – or your respondents – to download or install. All you need to do is share a link to start collecting great analyst insights videos.

Vocal Video collector
Capture video on any device with a fluid, branded interface

Your respondents will go through the following steps and record video responses to 3 questions:

  1. Introduction

    Thank you so much for recording this short video with your perspective! Please reach out to [contact_email] with any questions.

  2. Question 1

    Please introduce yourself, then share the key challenges facing our industry today.

  3. Question 2

    What will be the major changes we see in the next 5 years?

  4. Attribution The respondent enters their preferred name & title to be used if you publish their videos.
  5. Thank-you Thank you for taking the time to respond. We truly appreciate it.

Use This Template

Make it your own
You can customize the questions, the introduction and thank-you messages, and make it match your branding with just a few clicks. You can even add your own custom incentive for respondents and record a greeting video if you like.

Automagic Video Publishing
When you get a response, Vocal Video will automatically generate a complete, professional-looking testimonial video with your logo, motion graphics, subtitles and transitions (like these). Vocal Video is the only solution on the market that does this.

Ad-free hosting & embedding included
After you publish your analyst insights videos, they are automatically hosted on branded public pages you can easily share. You can also embed your videos on your site with our mobile-friendly and ad-free embed codes.

Ready to start collecting analyst insights videos with this template? Create your free Vocal Video account today and collect unlimited analyst insights videos FREE.

Real customer examples

See how Vocal Video customers are using the analyst insights videos they've collected and published with this template:

Possip, an education platform, shares industry insight on their LinkedIn Page. These videos inform what is happening in the company, as well as for prospective clients to see what they are all about.

The Aircall Sales team shares end of year tips on their company blog.

A Morbark employee shares insight on an issue affecting many people in his community. A video like this from an expert is informative and helps people understand new changes that are about to take place.


There are many more real customer examples here – all playable.

How to get started

Start collecting analyst insights videos using this template in 5 minutes:

  1. Sign up: Create your free Vocal Video account here. (No credit card required.)
  2. Use this template: Create a new Video Collector and select the ‘Customer Testimonials’ template.
  3. Customize it: Make any changes you want to the questions, intro message, and branding (you can even add a custom incentive and welcome video).
  4. Send it: Send the public link to your video collector to your target audience. (Feel free to use our sample email sequence, and check out our guide to getting higher response rates on your video campaigns.)
  5. Publish responses: See your analyst insights videos roll in. We’ll automagically generate branded, pro-style draft videos for you. Publish your favorites. You can publish your first 5 videos completely free.
  6. Share & embed: Share and embed them on your site with our ad-free video hosting and responsive embed codes.

With Vocal Video there's no limit on the number of the number of responses you can gather, so you can cast a wide net and only publish the best responses.

Best of all, with Vocal Video you can also edit, publish, share and embed your first 3 testimonial videos free of charge. (When you want to publish more, you can pay as you go or select an annual plan for unlimited publishing – see our pricing page for details.)

Sample 3-touch email sequence

When inviting people to give you analyst insights videos via email, we recommend a 3-email sequence. Variations of this email sequence have been used successfully in hundreds of video-request campaigns by Vocal Video customers.

The first email in the sequence is a pre-ask – asking if they'd be open to recording a short video testimonial and thanking them in advance. The second email includes the link to the video collector, a brief explanation of the process, the questions they'll be asked to respond to, and some recording tips. The third email in the sequence is a gentle reminder to block out time to record.

Adapt this sequence to your use case, incentives, and your collector's actual questions, and fire away!

Email #1: The Pre-Ask

We'd love to share your perspective

We’re putting together a new series featuring well-regarded influencers in our community, and your name was at the top of the list!

Would you be open to recording a short video on your experience and perspective in the industry in the next two weeks?? We’re collecting video with a tool called Vocal Video, so it should be very easy and only take 5-10 minutes. The recording can be done from your phone or laptop.

Please let me know and I’ll send the link and the questions right over.

Thanks so much!

Email #2: The Invitation

Recording your short video

Thanks so much for sharing your perspective! We really appreciate it.

Here are the details on recording a video - it should take 5-10 minutes altogether. Just click here to record your video:

The 2 questions that we'd like you to answer are:
1. Please introduce yourself, then share the key challenges facing our industry today.
2. What will be the major changes we see in the next 5 years?

Here are a couple of tips:
1) Pick a quiet and well lit place
2) Avoid having windows or a light source in the background of your shot since that will create glare
3) Look directly at the camera
3) Relax and be yourself - you'll do great!

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again!

Email #3: The Reminder

Quick reminder - video

I just wanted to bump this to the top of your inbox to see when you might be able to carve out 5-10 mins to record a short video.

Here's the link to record your video - you can record any time it’s convenient for you from your phone or laptop:

Ready to start collecting analyst insights videos with this template? Create your free Vocal Video account today and collect unlimited analyst insights videos FREE.

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