Introducing our new WYSIWYG Video Collector Builder

Capturing social proof videos from anybody, anywhere, anytime just got a lot easier.

Filming videos of customers, employees, experts, and influencers scattered across the globe has always been a challenge.  But a global pandemic, employees transitioning to 100% work from home overnight, and widespread shelter in place mandates have made it a lot trickier.   The old ways of sending a videographer on location or capturing video stories at events or trade shows have always been cumbersome and costly, but quickly became absolutely impossible in the "new normal."

Fortunately, there is a better way now.   One that is highly scalable.   And one that Vocal Video just made seamless to execute.

We are pleased to announce the release of the Vocal Video Collector Builder.   The Collector Builder makes it frictionless to collect video from anyone, anywhere, at anytime, on any device (mobile phone, tablet, or desktop).  

Collectors are what you use to capture on-point video and audio recordings from your respondents with Vocal Video.   Think of them as publicly accessible, branded landing pages that allow your respondents to answer questions that you pose to them via video and audio responses.  Each collector has a link that can be easily shared by email, SMS, social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, or in a community, like Slack.   The result: you get authentic, unscripted video stories that address the key points you want to showcase in your marketing.  

Let's dive in and see what Vocal Video Collectors and the Vocal Video Collector Builder are all about...

Capture Video on Any Device

It's a multi-device world.   Whether your respondents have Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, or Windows or Mac laptops, we have you covered.  We've taken the pain out of recording and capturing video on a phone, a tablet, or computer.   Plus, there is nothing for them to install so the process of recording themselves is frictionless.

Capture Video on Any Device

Our Video Collectors deliver a great first impression regardless of the device or screen size.  This is no easy feat, but we've put in the time to make it painless for your respondents to record themselves anywhere on any device.

Set up a Collector in 5 Minutes or Less

The Vocal Video Collector Builder is a 5-step, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) wizard that guides you through the process of creating your video collector.   As you make changes, you always know exactly what your respondent will see with a real-time, up-to-date mobile preview on the right side of the Collector Builder.  

What You See Is What You Get Collector Builder

You don't need "mad skillz" to make something in your brand style.   The Collector Builder's super easy, yet powerful controls gives you the options to customize the entire respondent experience, ensuring your respondent will come away with a favorable impression of your brand.  The Collector Builder allows you to do the following and more with ease:

  • Make the collector your own.   Configure the collector's color scheme and add your logo to ensure it is consistent with your brand style.
  • Add welcome and thank you text to each collector, including using dynamic variables to personalize the experience.
  • Designate a spokesperson, upload a headshot, and add contact information to provide a personal touch and support if your respondent has questions.
  • Offer custom incentives to reward your respondents for taking the time to provide video and audio recordings.   You can easily reward your respondents with branded corporate merchandise, gift cards, charitable donations on their behalf, or enter them into a prize drawing of your choosing.
  • And much more....

Personally Connect with Your Respondents with Video Greetings

Video allows you to connect with your respondent in a much more personal and human way.  They can see you and you can give them additional instructions or just personally thank them for participating.   With the Collector Builder, you have the option to record or upload a video greeting to personalize your collector.  It's a nice touch that many respondents appreciate.  

Record a Personalized Video Greeting

Go from 0 to 60 with Prebuilt Templates for Any Use Case

We take the heavy lifting out of launching your first video collector.   Vocal Video now has over 32 pre-built, turnkey templates complete with customized greetings, optimized questions, and even email copy so you can launch your first collector in seconds.   The template library spans a diverse set of industries, such as e-commerce, real estate, software, education, healthcare, and non-profits and across different audiences and use case, such as customer testimonials, reviews, sales wins, and influencer and expert templates.  With a few clicks, you can build a collector and be capturing video stories from across the world.  No exaggeration!

Choose from 32 Pre-Built Templates

Don't see an exact match?   No problem.   You can start from scratch or take an existing template and make it perfectly fit your business.   The choice is yours.  And the limits of your imagination are the only boundaries.

Question Prompts Yield Authentic, Yet On-Point Video Responses

Oftentimes, the problem with uploaded or user generated video is that the subject rambles or gets off topic.   With Vocal Video, you author specific questions to keep your subject on topic and on point.   The Collector Builder makes its a snap!

What You See Is What You Get Question Authoring

You can author up to 3 questions (or more with a paid subscription) in the Collector Builder.   The result is crisp, on message replies that can be transformed into professional marketing videos.  No more recorded selfie videos that are unusable and off message.

Get a Bird's Eye View of All Video Responses

Lastly, Vocal Video gives you the ability to browse your responses by collector or across all collectors.   We make it simple to navigate through a sea of responses and pick out the exact right one.

Browse Video Responses by Collector

Plus, you can drill down to see the raw recordings to each question or pinpoint which video replies have been already used in any draft or published videos that you've created.

Drill Down to an Individual Video Reply

Social proof videos are marketing gold.   They convert potential buyers at higher rates than other forms of content and build credibility and trust in your brand.   However, capturing authentic, compelling social proof videos from anywhere, anytime, on any device is only one side of the coin.  The other side of the coin is creating compelling, professionally produced social proof for use in your marketing.   Learn how Vocal Video and the Vocal Video Editor "automagically" transforms raw video and audio into "marketing-grade" social proof videos with no video production skills.  

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