The Easy Way to Create Website Testimonial Cards (5 Examples)

We show you how to make high-quality testimonial cards quickly and easily and add them to your website, including examples and use cases to inspire you.

When you want to display customer stories on your website, a testimonial card is a design element that makes them stand out and engage your audience — just like this one, built with our platform, Vocal Video:

Vocal Video’s testimonial cards are quick to create, easy to add to your website, and they can increase your conversions more dramatically than written reviews alone. What’s more, our user-friendly editing tools give you plenty of control over the design of your testimonial card, without the effort.

Here, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to creating testimonial cards, including…

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Why Use Vocal Video Testimonial Cards on Your Website?

Unlike static testimonial graphics and written reviews, video testimonial cards are:

  • Attention-grabbing: Video cards are eye-catching and hold attention for longer than  written testimonials. When you use Vocal Video, we automatically add attractive features like music, question cards, transitions, and subtitles that make your testimonial card easy to watch and digest.
  • Authentic: Video cards let the viewer watch someone they can relate to telling the story of what your product or service has done for them. This makes a more personal connection than a client testimonial card with a written review — even if that card includes a photo.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When they’re embedded in your website, our testimonial cards can give you a thumbnail on the search engine results page to make your site stand out. The headings and transcript give you the chance to use the keywords you want your business to appear for and, thanks to the way we code your testimonial cards, they won’t slow your site’s load time.

Vocal Video: The Easiest Way to Create Video Testimonial Cards

You could publish your testimonials as images, code testimonial cards from scratch using CSS, HTML, and Javascript (for example, with code snippets from a library like Bootstrap 5), or use a website plugin to import them from another site.

However, it’s easier — and more effective — to use Vocal Video to build the cards and publish them from our all-in-one platform.

How to Build Testimonial Cards with Vocal Video

First, log into your Vocal Video dashboard and go to 'Published Videos'.

You can upload a video clip you already have or publish a video from a Vocal Video collector (we’ll tell you more about how to collect new testimonials later).

Start by opening any of your published videos and clicking the blue 'Embed' button in the top right-hand corner.

Embedding a Video Testimonial example

On the next screen, select the 'Video Card' option. This takes you to the video card builder.

Video Card Builder: "How would you like to embed this video?"

When you open the card builder, you’ll see that we automatically create a clean, modern video testimonial card that’s ready to add to your website. If you want to tweak the design, we give you plenty of easy-to-use tools to help you get the look you want.

Video Card Builder example

You can choose from vertical or horizontal layouts or add a featured quote from the video transcript (which we generate for you).

To pick the most memorable quote, go to the 'Content' tab and click 'Help me pick a featured quote', then paste the quote you want to use into the box on the right-hand side.

Select a featured quote for your video: A featured quote can be showcased alongside your video in galleries and embeds, helping get your key message across before the video is watched.

The dashboard also gives you more options that can help to align the testimonial card with brand elements like your logo or colors:

  • Choose the colors, fonts, and size of the text in the card to make it easy to read
  • Change the corners and shadows to make the card stand out on your page
  • Check and edit the subtitles
  • Adjust the aspect ratio and maximum width of the video to suit the different platforms where you want to share your card.
Sarah Wong: Live Background Preview example

When you’re done, you can also go to 'Preview Background' and enter the hex color code for the background of your website to see a live preview of how the embedded card will look. All Vocal Video embeds are generated with a transparent background so they blend seamlessly with your site.

Let’s analyze this example testimonial card in more detail:

Here, we’ve selected a horizontal layout to suit a website page, chosen a stand-out quote, and increased the font size so it fits the space. We’re using the font “Inter” (which is free to use on all Vocal Video pricing plans) for the quote and the attribution.

The square corners of the video card contrast with the rounded font, and we’ve added a thin shadow to help the card jump off the page and stop the reader from scrolling. Finally, we’ve switched on the attribution to identify the person giving the testimonial and give it extra credibility in a B2B context.

How to Embed Testimonial Cards on Your Website

In the video below, Lauren shows you how easy it is to embed video testimonials on your website:

You can add a testimonial card seamlessly to your website in as few as three steps, even if you’ve never coded before.

  • Go to 'Copy Embed Code' in the bottom right of the video card builder.
  • Log in to the backend of your website, open the page where you want to embed the video, and add a new HTML block.
  • Paste the embed code snippet into the block and update your site to publish the embedded video to the front-end of your site.

For tutorials covering how to embed testimonial cards on sites built with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and more, go to the Vocal Video Help Center.

Example 1: Bringing Client Testimonial Cards Onto a Homepage

Wall of Love example: Women in Educational Leadership

Women in Educational Leadership use multiple video testimonial cards arranged in a gallery on their homepage.

(We’ll cover how to use testimonial cards in a wall of love later on in this post.)

In this context, the collection of testimonials gives a sense of how many people the organization has helped and conveys the impression of community. What’s more, the gallery appears near the top of the page, which emphasizes the work this organization does to put the voices of women front and center.

Example 2: Highlighting Testimonial Cards on Recruitment Pages

Recovery Centers of America: Testimonial Cards on Recruitment Pages example

Recovery Centers of America use a testimonial section powered by Vocal Video on their careers page.

These testimonial cards are presented in a slideshow and use featured quotes to encourage the reader to play the video. The testimonials are especially effective on the recruitment page because it lets prospective applicants hear the voices of the people the RCA has already helped. This can make the viewer feel seen and included and can give them the final push they need to make their own application.

Example 3: Using Testimonial Cards for Event Promotion

AAOS: Testimonials for Event Promotion example

The AAOS uses video cards to promote events like their annual conference.

Here, the cards and featured quotes are effective because they act as teasers for each session, showing viewers what they could learn, creating anticipation ahead of the event and driving ticket sales.

Example 4: Adding Testimonial Cards to Product Reviews

Vitality Cycles: Product Review Testimonials example

Supplement provider Vitality Cycles uses a Vocal Video testimonial card on their dedicated product review page.

This product review is effective because the questions that are asked encourage the respondents to speak about why they chose the product, what their experience has been, and who they would recommend it to. These questions elicit answers that show how wide the potential audience for this supplement is, which is compounded as the viewer sees the mother and daughter agreeing about the benefits.

This video review card also puts faces to a product aimed at improving digestive health, which can be a sensitive subject for some people. Watching real people and hearing their reassurance removes some of this embarrassment and gives the audience permission to find out more about a product that could also benefit them.

Example 5: Enhancing Case Studies with Video Testimonial Cards

Global Ministry: Testimonial Cards for Case Studies example

Global Ministry uses single video cards throughout their study on the impact of their program, which is aimed at people considering whether they want to participate.

Here, the testimonial cards are useful because they break up the longer text, keeping the audience engaged and highlighting how many people have already enjoyed the program. Seven cards are used in total, and the featured quotes give the reader a summary of what each respondent talks about, even if they choose not to play the video.

Vocal Video is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that lets you create, customize, and embed testimonial cards in versatile ways. One of the biggest advantages our platform has over other methods for making and displaying testimonial cards is that you can also use Vocal Video to collect and edit new stories from your customers and grow your testimonial library from one easy-to-use platform.

Now, we’ll show you how.

How to Collect New Customer Stories with Vocal Video

When you’re ready to collect testimonials to enhance your website design, you need a video collector. You can either build a collector from scratch or use one of the 46 industry-specific page templates we provide.

Start by going to the dashboard and opening 'New Video Collector'. From there, you can easily follow the steps to build the pages that will guide your respondents through the process.

  • On the welcome page, give the collector a title, say hello, or even record a video welcoming the respondent and explaining why the testimonials are important to you. You can also add an incentive (like a prize draw entry) to encourage more people to record testimonials.  
  • In the questions section, write the questions you want people to respond to. Remember, if you choose one of our template collectors, these will be pre-written for you (and can be modified).
  • On the attribution page, set the collector to gather the information that appears with the respondent’s name in the finished video.
  • Finally, the thank you page gives you the chance to say how grateful you are for the respondent’s time.

Throughout the process, you can check how your collector will look with the live preview on the right side of the screen.

Developer Marketing Summit Video Collector Preview

You can then send your collector to your customers by sharing the URL we generate for you. You can post the URL on social media, send it to the people on your mailing list, or link to the collector from your website.

One of the best features of the video collector is that you can set it to reflect the colors you use in the rest of your publicity materials. This means that every step of the process feels like an integrated part of your brand’s marketing strategy.

For example, the Moki website integrates the Vocal Video collector at the end of their blog posts, when their visitors might feel inspired to share their own stories.

"Want to share your thoughts on Moki? Our video feedback portal is easy to use and best of all, no human interviewer!"

When the visitor clicks through to the video collector, it reflects Moki’s brand colors and shows the same logo as their original web design.

Moki Video Collector example

You’ll get a notification by email whenever someone records a new response. Then, head to your library to check out the automatically edited video, bring your video card together, and add it to your site.

How to Edit the Videos for Your Cards

With Vocal Video, you have control over how your testimonials look and sound, without the need to download them to expensive, complicated, or time-consuming editing software.

In the video editing screen, you’ll be able to…

  • Change the format of the video to optimize it for different platforms
  • Adjust the colors
  • Insert your logo
  • Edit the subtitles
  • Add music and set the audio to fade out at the end of the video
  • Choose the frame you want to use as the thumbnail
  • Write the video title and description
  • Give the whole video a new personality in seconds by toggling through our preset themes.

When you’re happy with how it looks, go to 'Publish Video' to share the testimonial with your audience and turn it into a beautiful, high-converting testimonial card.

How to Share Video Testimonials

Once your video is published, you can share it with a URL or by posting it to your social media pages.

Share This Video: Copy Public Link, Embed on your site, Share to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Upload to YouTube, Instagram, etc.

We’ll generate a public link for your video, where it appears on a Vocal Video Page that reflects your branding and includes a transcript. You can use this link in your marketing materials or post it to social media so your followers can head to the page.

Vocal Video includes one-click sharing to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Vocal Video testimonial example shared on LinkedIn

And for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, you’ll also be able to download your video and upload it there. Vocal Video’s Solo, Team, and Pro plans all include unlimited video downloads.

Explore More Options for Displaying Testimonials on Your Website

Once you start to build a library of testimonial cards, Vocal Video gives you plenty of options for building beautiful, extensive galleries of social proof to embed on your site or share on your other marketing channels.

When you have two or more testimonial cards to display, try combining them into a testimonial carousel gallery, like this one:

Carousels (sometimes called testimonial sliders) are a fantastic way to bring social proof to your website’s homepage, product page, landing page, or booking page. Their horizontal format makes them ideal for embedding alongside information about your business, so the voices of your happy customers encourage new clients to sign up.

Slideshow Galleries

Slideshow Gallery example: Jeff Irby (VP, Sale & Marketing at Drivestream)

Slideshow galleries — like this one from our customers — display one testimonial at a time and use navigation arrows to show the viewer there’s more to discover.

Grid Galleries

Grid Gallery example: Vocal Video Testimonials

When your collection of video testimonials starts to grow, you can also display them in a grid gallery. The grid layout is well-suited to a dedicated testimonial page design, and if you include a link to your video collector, it can also encourage new customers to add their stories to the collection.

List Galleries

List Gallery example: Vocal Video Testimonials

When you want to encourage your visitors to stay on your page for longer or scroll to the bottom, you can display video cards in a list gallery.

Wall of Love Galleries

Wall of Love Gallery example: Vocal Video Testimonials

As your testimonial library grows, creating a wall of love is another great way to convey how many satisfied customers you have.

With Vocal Video, it’s as easy to build a testimonial gallery as it is to build a single card.

  • Navigate to 'Galleries' > 'New Gallery' and choose the format you want to use.
  • Name your gallery and go to 'Add Videos' to start bringing your published videos into the layout.
  • Open the 'Design' tab and decide how you want the video cards to look.
  • Drag and drop the cards to decide the order you want them to appear.
Video Card Design Options

When you’re finished, simply go to 'Share' to share the public Vocal Video page with your followers, or 'Embed' to generate the code you need to add the gallery to your website.

Increase Conversions and Strengthen Your Brand Identity with Testimonial Cards from Vocal Video

Adding testimonial cards to your website is an effective way to increase conversions and tell the story of your brand.

Vocal Video lets you build impactful, eye-catching testimonial cards around authentic stories from your customers. We give you all the additional benefits that video testimonial cards have over written ones, without compromising on time, ease of use, cost, or design.

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