Video Recruiting: Promote Your Organization as a Great Place to Work

Use recruitment videos to highlight the benefits of your organization as a great place for potential candidates to work.

As job seekers continue to be more demanding about the employers they are willing to work with, companies must go the extra mile to highlight why their work environment is better than competitors.

Recruitment videos — including employee testimonials and company culture videos — sent out to potential candidates and posted on your Career page can be a powerful tool for differentiation. These videos go a long way in showing off the benefits of your company culture and work environment.

However, producing highly polished and professional recruitment videos that convey a picture of your organization in its best light can be a complex and costly process. In the past, the best recruitment videos were often shot by a team of professional videographers and required lengthy post-production and editing.

In contrast, our asynchronous video recording platform, Vocal Video, was designed to remove the expense and hassle of producing video testimonials the traditional way.

Whether you are a startup or a multinational enterprise, you can use Vocal Video to shoot all sorts of testimonial videos — including recruitment videos — to send out to your prospective candidates.

In this article, we’ll:

Boost your employer branding profile by recording and editing employee testimonials using the Vocal Video platform. To start recording live video interviews with your current employees right away sign up to Vocal Video for free.

5 Examples of Great Recruiting Videos Used to Attract Prospective Candidates

While highly produced and polished videos are an excellent option to show off your workplace and company culture to great effect, since they are expensive and time-consuming to produce, you can only create a limited number of videos in this way.

This means you need to focus on more general recruitment messaging and can’t produce a video for each role you recruit for. This can make these types of video seem less personalized and means they provide less specific information for prospective candidates.

Using Vocal Video, however, you can quickly record as many recruitment videos as you need, using the voices of your existing employees. Your employees are given a link that leads them through answering a few questions you create, and the videos are recorded quickly on each interviewee’s own device. This gives every video the authentic feel of each employee’s opinion of your organization and workplace culture.

Job seekers watching these videos can get the information they need about what it’s like to work with you, and it will feel as if they are getting advice directly from a friend. Plus, these videos are far easier and faster to create, making them a great alternative to traditional recruiting videos.

Here are 5 examples of the types of videos you can record using our platform:

1. SecurEnds: Employer branding videos shared on LinkedIn

Identity Governance tech startup SecurEnds attracts more candidates to its open positions by sharing employer brand videos on LinkedIn. As soon as a prospective candidate comes across the videos on the social media platform, it plays automatically.

All employee videos recorded with Vocal Video can be shared across social media channels and embedded on most platforms.

2. Wonolo: Video used to target a specific professional for a CFO role

This hyper-targeted video directly addresses a specific professional that Wonolo has identified as a great prospective Chief Financial Officer for the company. It’s a super personal way of hiring managers: reaching out to a qualified person and demonstrating how much the company already knows about the candidate's experience and how interested they are in hiring them.

Recovery Centers of America includes a carousel of employee testimonials with a range of different roles as a way of showcasing a wide variety of employee voices and highlighting the organization’s core values and culture.

4. RigServ: Short individual employee testimonial

This employee testimonial recorded for RigServ demonstrates how effective even a short testimonial can be at highlighting how happy an employee is in their position at a company.

5. Whistle: Employee testimonials highlighting the positives of the role

This employee testimonial focuses on the perks and positives of working at Whistle and highlights how enjoyable a day in this specific role can be. This is a genuine and engaging way of giving prospective candidates a real picture of what it’s like to work here.

How to Put Together Great Recruiting Videos Using Our Straightforward Process

Because Vocal Video lets you easily and quickly send out links to your current employees asking them to record an employee testimonial, it’s a far more scalable process of creating recruitment videos than the traditional process of hiring a video production team.

Whenever you need an employee testimonial to accompany a new job posting, you can collect it in just a few hours, or even minutes. Neither you, nor your employees need to have any video recording or video editing expertise, all you need to do is follow Vocal Video’s step-by-step process to record and collect a professionally-styled employee testimonial video.

The employees you request a testimonial from simply click on a link you send them to be taken to a Vocal Video landing page that is fully-branded to your organization. There they follow each step to record their answers to a set of questions you ask them. Your employees can choose the most convenient time to record their video on their own device and aren’t required to download any software or apps.

The answer to each question you set is recorded one at a time and the employees can re-record any of their responses if they’d like to change anything. After recording each answer, they move on to the next question, until they’ve answered them all.

After recording all their answers, the employee just clicks “submit” to finish their part of the process and the human resources team that sent out the Video Collector is notified that a new video has been recorded.

Click here to read more about the Vocal Video recording process in our article: How to Collect Videos from Users in 4 Steps.

How to Set Up Our Video Recording Process for Your Employees

The first step in collecting a video is to build what we call a “Video Collector”. This builder asks you to add every element required for a recruitment video or testimonial that is fully branded to your organization.

At each stage, you can see what the Video Collector will look like when your employee (or another user), starts recording their video for you.

Video Collector example: Cristina Ramos

As you can see in the image above, the Video Collector builder prompts you to add the following:

  • A title for your Video Collector.
  • Your company logo and branding.
  • The name of the spokesperson from your company sending out the Video Collector.
  • A welcome message to explain the purpose of the video you would like your employee to record and thanking them for doing it (alternatively you can record a welcome video).
  • Add an optional incentive for recording the video (a gift, a discount, or other appropriate incentive)
  • A contact email at your organization.
  • Three to five questions to ask your interviewee.
Collector Editor Question Example

See our article for ideas on how to design the best employee testimonial questions to guide employees to record great recruitment videos asynchronously.

To make the process of creating an employee testimonial Video Collector even easier, you can also use our template, which provides you with suggested interview questions, and a customizable 3-step email sequence to request a testimonial video and follow-up.

Read our in-depth article to find out more about how to put together a Video Collector to send to your current employees.

2. Receive an Automatically-Edited Video That Is Easy for Job Seekers to Watch

The video you receive from your employee is automatically-edited by our software, so you get a polished video that is immediately ready to share and includes the following:

  • Text slides
  • Animated transitions between answers to each question
  • Text overlays
  • Background music
  • Automatic captions and transcript

Note: Vocal Video also provides video editing tools to trim scenes and responses, rearrange the order of answers, and make highlight reels. You can put together a highlight reel of your shortlist of candidates, for example, to present to a decision-maker who may be short on time.

Automatically-generated share links for each video take viewers directly to your Vocal Video landing page where they are hosted for free and without ads. So, when you send a video to your prospective candidates, they can watch it as a seamless part of your recruiting process with your company branding displayed across the page and all your videos.

We also provide embed codes for each video so you can add the videos to your website, or embed them on LinkedIn or other social media channels.

Step 1: Click "Share & Embed", Step 2: Select a Platform, Step 3: Share Your Video

Click here to read more on how to share and embed your employee testimonial and recruitment videos.

To take embedding and displaying your recruitment videos online up a notch, with Vocal Video, you also get a tool to display collections of your videos as video galleries, including:

As with the rest of our process, you don’t need to be a web designing professional to create amazing-looking galleries and embed them onto your Career page or website.

Simply select the type of display you want to create, add the videos you want to include, and add the automatically-generated embed code onto your website. It takes just a few minutes to create a new video gallery using our tool and makes your collection of recruitment videos look extra special.

Vocal Video Customer Stories: Businesses big and small share why they chose Vocal Video.

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Vocal Video: An Easy-to-Use Platform to Record Your Recruitment Videos

Vocal Video makes recruitment video production accessible to every type of organization by allowing them to record employee testimonials quickly, repeatedly, and at scale.

Improve your hiring process by adding great recruitment videos to your:

  • Career page
  • Job listings
  • Job descriptions
  • Social media channels
  • Website
  • Recruitment emails
  • And more…

Boost your employer branding by recording and editing recruitment videos using Vocal Video. To start adding employee testimonials to your job postings, sign up for Vocal Video for free.

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