Throw Away Your Testimonial Video Script (And Use This Process Instead)

Using testimonial video scripts is a great way to make your videos sound robotic and rehearsed. Instead, use this simple framework to get authentic, trustworthy testimonial responses.

The idea of using video testimonial scripts is appealing because it feels like it adds structure and repeatability to the otherwise hit-or-miss process of getting great testimonial videos.

After all, it’s appealing to believe that if you can just create the most effective testimonial script, you’ll know ahead of time that your video testimonial will turn out amazing and convey a message that’s valuable and on point.

Unfortunately, this is usually a false sense of control over the process.

In our experience (we have over 10 years of it!), using an actual ‘script’ in its truest sense, just leads to different problems. Instead of providing high-quality, powerful, and compelling content, you’ll get something robotic and stale.

You’ll immediately lose the possibility of your potential customers making an emotional connection with your brand as they realize it’s not a genuine testimonial and that the speaker has simply been told what to say.

Instead, businesses can get consistent, high-quality results by using a simple framework of successfully tested questions that prompt authentic and valuable responses, and tease out impactful stories that your current and potential new customers will love.

Below, we’ll show you exactly what that framework of questions looks like.

We’ll demonstrate how to use the sample questions provided in our 45 video testimonial templates, and how to adapt them to your own specific needs, including:

  1. Starting with broad questions to maintain authenticity.
  2. Requesting a few specifics.
  3. Asking for anecdotes and stories.
  4. Getting your customer thinking before they start recording.

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#1: Start with Broad Interview Questions for an Authentic Customer Testimonial Video

The first step in putting your video subjects at ease and getting them to record the best testimonials is to ask them broad questions that will guide them, but won’t be prescriptive about what they should say.

This leverages the power of authenticity by allowing your customer to talk off the cuff, while still gearing them towards the kind of information you want for your video marketing plan.

In the sample questions below — included in our video testimonial templates — you can see that we’ve asked open-ended prompts and softball questions:

  • Could you describe your experience of working with us?
  • What makes us stand out against the competition?

This gives the testimonial subject the freedom to answer however they want.

Introduction and 3 questions: Thank you so much for recording this short video!

It may seem scary to relinquish control and give your customer this amount of freedom, but in fact, the magic of video testimonials lies in the unexpected and powerful stories they can generate.

You can choose to use the sample questions in the Vocal Video templates just as they are or you can choose to use them as a starting point to come up with your own questions.

(We have sample questions in each of our 45 testimonial templates, each focused on a wide range of use cases.)

Vocal Vide's Video Testimonial Templates: Get the video testimonial questions, templates, and example emails you need to collect professional videos from customers, employees, and experts.

Using broad questions also means you don’t have to ask a huge number of prompts because they cover all the bases and allow your customer to be real in their responses.

For more information about how that works, and more specific instructions on how to design your own testimonial interview questions, take a look at our in-depth article about why you don’t need 25 questions for your next customer video testimonial.

#2: Ask for Some Specifics

Although broad questions are a must to give your target audience a customer testimonial that feels authentic, getting specific also offers up solid proof of real, verifiable results, which is extremely important for potential customers.

That’s why it’s also an advantage to give your video testimonial subjects a chance to mention some metrics or figures in their video review.

This is especially important for B2B video testimonials and those involving a decision maker inside your customer’s organization. These specifics from managers, business owners, and other people in charge can turn your customer testimonial video into its own mini case study.

It’s a good idea to decide what kind of metrics would be useful for your video marketing campaign and to tailor one of our sample questions so that you get that specific information.

This is how you turn a good testimonial video into a great testimonial video.

Some options are:

  • Increased revenues
  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Tangible pain points that your brand solved for them
  • Other metrics specific to your business

Once you’ve decided what kinds of metrics would be most helpful for your prospect to talk about, make sure to let your interviewee know what metrics to prepare before the interview (more on that in a bit).

#3: Ask at Least One Question That Can Elicit a Story

The power of storytelling in marketing is not a new concept and when it’s combined with the awesome power of video, you get a one-two punch.

That’s why it’s a great idea to ask at least one question that is likely to elicit a story or anecdote. This is especially important when you are asking for a testimonial from an end user of your product or service who won’t have strong metrics or figures to fall back on.

Real, candid stories, from genuinely satisfied customers are easy to relate to, give your target audience the chance to recognize themselves, and make an emotional connection with your customer and your brand — which is ultimate in social proof.

For more about the power of storytelling in video customer reviews see our interview with Zoey Meyer, founder of customer-360.

#4: Get Your Video Subjects Thinking Before They Start Recording

The fourth, and final step, in preparing your questions in the right way is actually the first piece of information you’ll send out to the happy customers that have agreed to provide you with a testimonial.

When you send out a testimonial invitation, you have the opportunity to give your customer a heads up about what you’ll be asking.

(Our video collector templates give you a sample three-step email sequence to simplify that process, too.)

Email #2: The Invitation for a video testimonial

As you can see in the sample email invitation above, we’ve provided three suggested questions ahead of time to give the customer a chance to think about what they want to say.

This eliminates anxiety, and in turn, makes your customers much more likely to send you a completed testimonial where they’re prepared to talk about specific numbers or metrics, as necessary.

You won’t be putting them “on the spot” and — continuing with the example from the image above — they can research and think about a time that your brand helped them, or come up with three words to describe your organization, and something that makes it unique, or anything else that you decide to ask.

Zach Windahl, the founder of The Brand Sunday was happy to make a video testimonial for ACTIV. He spent a few minutes recording his answers with ACTIV’s Video Collector sent through Vocal Video. The ACTIV team was careful to write questions to elicit details about the challenges he faced, how he found ACTIV, and ultimately, how ACTIV helped his business.

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